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Lifetime Monitoring

Automatically Monitor Your Customers' Credit Profile

Account Monitoring Made Easy

Have you ever been blindsided by a good paying customer that goes bad? if you rely heavily on the timely payment of your customers, you know the value of monitoring their credit profile. By actively monitoring your customers credit, you are forewarned of any issues that may arise in their ability to pay, helping you mitigate any damage that may arise.

Introducing Lifetime Monitoring

For $5 annually per company, we will actively monitor their credit report for you. Any changes in their profile will cause an Alert to be issued and you to be notified of what exactly changed. Every report pulled includes 12 months of monitoring, for free!

Download the Monitoring Alert Triggers

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How it works

Locate Your Alerts and Lifetime Monitoring

Your Lifetime Monitoring and your Alerts are available from within our secure web platform. Just click the blue "My Alerts" button located at the top of the web platform.

View All Your Monitored Businesses

Every business credit report ordered through our platform includes 12 months of Monitoring on that business, for free! This is where you would be able to extend or cancel your monitoring.

Get Lifetime Monitoring on a new U.S. Company

Simply click the green "Get Lifetime Monitoring on a U.S. Business" button to be taken to the report search page. Any report pulled through this search will have Lifetime Monitoring automatically activated for that business!

Get Lifetime Monitoring on Canadian Businesses

Simply click the green "Get Lifetime Monitoring on a Canadian Business" button to be taken to the report search page. Any Canadian report pulled through this search will automatically have Lifetime Monitoring activated on that business.

View Alerts

While you are monitoring a business, if any changes to their credit profile are detected, an Alert is issued and you are immediately sent a notification. From here, you are able to view all Alerts, both past and present. The Alerts give you detailed information on what changed - so no need to order a new report!

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