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Payment Performance Insights

Find out where you stand with your customers. Are you a priority or an afterthought?

See How Your Customers Pay Their Other Suppliers

Do you have customers not paying you back within agreed terms, tying up your operating cash in your accounts receivables? Are you unable to prioritize your collections because you can’t determine which customers are taking advantage of you and which are simply going under?

Imagine if you could see exactly how your late paying customers pay their other vendors. You would be able to prioritize your collection efforts by identifying which customers are struggling to stay afloat and which are paying everyone but you.

As part of Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Trade Exchange Program, we can now provide you with free access to a new platform that will allow you to do just that, called Payment Performance Insights.

Payment Performance Insights show you how your customers pay you versus how they pay their other vendors in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

With this data, you’ll be able to:

Prioritize collections by identifying late paying customers who have the ability to pay you back on time.

Segment and filter your customer accounts to quickly view your exposure and their payment performances.

View individual customer firmographics and details.

Benchmark how your customers pay you versus how they pay others and your industry over time.

How to get access

To get access to Payment Performance Insights, all you have to do is report your accounts receivables data to us. This is how D&B is able to track how customers pay you back, so you can compare their payment performance against how well they pay back their other vendors.

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