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Decision Assistant

A customizable scorecard to automate your credit decisions!

Process More Customers in Less Time

The Decision Assistant prints a customized recommendation on how to move forward with a potential customer directly to the report you pull on them.

By using the Decision Assistant you are able to:

  • Instantly get a recommendation on whether or not to approve, review, or decline a business.
  • Automate the filtering of potential customers into different risk levels.
  • Get custom credit limit recommendations based on an applicant’s full credit history across all of the major bureaus.
  • Quickly approve low risk businesses with great business credit.
Decision Assistant recommendation preview graphic

100% Customizable

How your Decision Assistant filters applicants and provides recommendations is yours to customize with an easy-to-use interface.

Absolutely Free

We provide this tool for free to bring the benefits of an automated decisioning system to the credit approval processes of small to mid-sized businesses who generally wouldn’t have access to similar tools.

How it works

1. Set up your Credit Logic Score filter ranges

The Credit Logic Score is calculated based upon payment trends, public record filings, collections, and business background information across multiple bureau sources. By setting these filters you give your Decision Assistant the ability to filter applicants into different risk levels when you pull reports.


2. Determine what your Decision Assistant will do for each Credit Logic Score filter range

For your top 3 ranges (or risk levels), you are able to give your Decision Assistant the ability to recommend a % Approved of our MultiMax Credit Guideline. Our MultiMax is a credit guideline based on actual trade payment amounts recently reported to the bureaus and is not modeled by a business’ industry. By setting these percentages, your Decision Assistant can provide credit guideline recommendations tailored to your risk preferences.

For your bottom range, you are able to tell your Decision Assistant to recommend that you either review the business’ report or decline them. (We always recommend queue-ing businesses for review opposed to instantly declining.)


3. Turn on Decision Assistant recommendation overrides

Your Decision Assistant doesn’t only take into account the Credit Logic Score filter settings to provide recommendations. You can also make your Decision Assistant override its original recommendation if there are any derogatory items present, if there isn’t enough predictive data on the report, or if the business is new.


4. Pull reports

You will see your Decision Assistant’s recommendations right above the analytics section on your reports.


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