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Summary Reports

Prices Ranging Between: $7.75 – $32.00 Per Report

Report Data Sources Include:

Quickly Evaluate a Company’s Creditworthiness Using Multiple Bureaus at Once

Decision Assistant

This is a free service for all of our customers

Process more applications by automatically filtering which applicants are easy approvals and which are not—using multiple bureau sources.

Configure your Decision Assistant to screen applicants just like you do, and it will print recommendations directly onto the reports you pull.

Credit Guideline Recommendation

Instantly understand how well a business is able to pay back their creditors.

This proprietary score is generated by analyzing a company’s payment performance, public record filings, collections, and business background information across multiple bureau sources.

Credit Logic Score

Quickly determine the credit worthiness of a business with this one-of-a-kind predictive indicator.

This proprietary score is calculated based upon payment trends, public record filings, collections, and business background information across multiple bureau sources.

MultiMax Credit Guideline

Determine if the amount your customer requested is in line with other amounts they have been extended and paid on time.

Unlike other Suggested Credit Limits or Credit Limit Recommendations that are modeled by a business’ industry, this guideline is based upon actual trade payment amounts recently reported to the bureaus.

Public Record, Legal Filings, and Collections

View a business’ filings, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, and collections in summary and in detail.

Corporate Registration

Avoid fraud by ensuring that the business is a legally recognized entity registered with their Secretary of State.

Corporate Linkage

View whether the business is a considered a single location, branch, or headquarters and if they have any Parent locations

Know Exactly Who You Are Doing Business With

When establishing a relationship with another business, it is important to verify they are who they say they are.

Fraud Flags

This proprietary fraud check compares a business’ credit profile against multiple criteria to indicate whether or not they are legitimate.

Google Maps Integration

Confirm an applicant is being honest by putting your eyes on their business straight from their credit report.

OFAC Alerts

Ensure that the business has not been flagged by the Office of Foreign Assets Control as an offender or threat to the national security, foreign policy, or the economy of the United States

Additional Value Added Features

1 Year of Account Monitoring

Available on Most U.S. Reports

Always know the credit health of your customers by receiving emailed alerts when their credit profile changes.

Once you receive an alert, simply login to your account to view the details.

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