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Business Owner Reports

Prices Ranging Between: $8.75 – $19.75 Per Report

Report Data Sources Include:

Determine the Financial Stability of a Business Owner When You Need a Personal Guarantee

Experian Business
Owner Profile

Avoid the high risk associated with small businesses while identifying good credit risks.

This report gives you the most accurate, current and comprehensive business owner credit information available.

Experian Blended
Intelliscore Plus

Evaluating both the business owner and their business' credit performance on a single report.

Experian's Intelliscore Plus is Experian's strongest commercial risk score model, blending business and consumer information to predict the likelihood of small business delinquency within 12 months.

TransUnion Business Owner
Report with FICO

See a business owner's personal credit history from one of the top consumer credit bureaus.

This report also contains the industry-leading FICO Score that evaluates personal creditworthiness with a score of 300-850.

Please Note

To gain access to business owner reports, a FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliance process must be completed. This includes a one-time $150 compliance fee and an on-site inspection.

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