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New Fraud Flags

BCR is proud to announce that Fraud Flags have been added to all comprehensive reports as well as our new Vendor Verification and D&B Viability Reports.

A caution flag will appear on these reports whenever one of the following circumstances is present:

  • The mailing address is residential, a postal delivery facility or unknown
  • The name and address do not match up with U.S. Post Office files
  • The phone number belongs to a cell phone
  • The phone number area code does not align with the mailing ZIP Code
  • The phone number is not registered to the company
  • The company has been in business for less than one year
  • There is no corporate registration on file
  • The company has zero trade payment experiences
  • Days Beyond Terms is over 25
  • Data Depth is 3 or under
  • Balance to High Credit Ratio is 75% or higher
  • OFAC flag indicated

The instance of one of these items does not indicate fraud. However, one or more of these circumstances should give potential creditors reason to investigate further.

Fraud Flags are just the latest in a series of product and service improvements we’re making at BCR. We’re committed to delivering the best possible business credit solution at the best value.

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