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Lawsuit Information is Now Available in BCR Reports

Businesses can be sued for a myriad of reasons, both legitimate and frivolous. The suits can come from customers, vendors, landlords, employees, competitors or others affected by the actions of the business. The impact of a suit on a business can cost the company significantly in both time and money, even if the lawsuit does not result in a judgment. This cost is bound to impact the company’s ability to pay its bills promptly.

It can be particularly damaging to a small business. For this reason, lawsuits against customers are events that merit credit managers’ attention.

BCR offers lawsuit information from Dun & Bradstreet as an optional add-on to all of our Comprehensive Reports, most of our Summary Reports and all of our Supplier Reports. This optional Lawsuits section on the report includes the case number, plaintiff, defendant, cause, amount, filing location, filing date, status and status date.

If lawsuit information is ordered and no lawsuits are present on the D&B credit file, there is no charge for the lawsuit check. This gives you a risk-free way to detect potentially damaging lawsuits on your customers.

Including lawsuit information is just another way BCR gives you the complete picture of a company’s credit risk. Try adding Dun & Bradstreet Lawsuit information to the next business credit report you order from BCR.

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