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Business Credit Reports, Inc. Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Business Credit Reports, Inc. (BCR), the innovator of blended multi-bureau business credit reports, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019. Over the last 30 years, BCR has revolutionized the business credit industry time and again, and now delivers a full beginning-to-end credit management solution that is easily accessible and affordable to small businesses.

“At BCR, we are very proud of the innovations we’ve developed to help small businesses grow,” said Pam Ogden, president and founder of Business Credit Reports, Inc. “Thirty years ago, I set out to empower small businesses to make more informed decisions about their customers. We have achieved that goal, and we will continue to build innovative solutions to help our customers.”

When Ogden founded the company in 1989, she planned to make commercial credit information accessible by providing business credit reports from the major business credit bureaus with easy terms and an affordable price. BCR is now an innovative leader in small business credit information with over 20,000 users and is experiencing rapid growth thanks to a focus on innovation, customer service and its easy “no contracts, no minimums” pricing.

In 2008, BCR launched the first version of its unique business credit report platform, which enabled any business to easily pull credit reports on companies in the USA, Canada and internationally. In October of that year, the first ever multi-bureau business credit report, the Advantage Report, was introduced. The Advantage Report combined credit information from two of the big business credit bureaus into one report, giving two perspectives on a company at once.

In recent years, BCR has expanded its offering beyond just credit reports to provide companies with a full beginning-to-end solution for credit management.

  • BCR’s customizable online credit application makes processing credit applications faster and more efficient by eliminating paper shuffling and automating the report pulling process.
  • BCR’s Decision Assistant automatically reviews and prints a customized decision on pulled reports, reducing the number of manual reviews needed.
  • BCR has added the ability to customize any report pulled with add-ons of some of the most popular viability ratings, financial risk scores, and days beyond terms from the major business credit bureaus, with more to come.
  • BCR has expanded its international credit reports offering to provide instant online reports for as little as $15 and developed reports with global coverage returned within 1 to 3 business days for only $99.
  • Payment Performance Insights helps businesses understand their customers’ payment performance to prioritize collections, reduce delinquency and manage their accounts portfolio.
  • BCR’s Lifetime Monitoring service sends alerts when key changes are made to the company’s credit profile. A small business can monitor as few or as many companies as needed at an affordable price.

As the company continues to grow, it has not lost its core focus of being an innovative partner to small businesses that is easy to work with and can be counted on for sharp business credit insights and expertise.

About Business Credit Reports, Inc.
Business Credit Reports, Inc. is the authority on small business credit information in the United States, Canada, and Internationally.

With unique licensing, BCR is the only credit report provider to offer blended multi-bureau business credit reports featuring trade data from Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Ansonia, and others alongside simple pricing with no contracts, no annual fees, and no minimums.

BCR also offers a full credit management solution with an online credit application, automatic decisioning, payment performance insights, and monitoring alerts for free to all customers.

Since 1989, over 20,000 users have relied on BCR as a trusted and innovative leader in small business credit information.

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