In contrast, if you deprive your eyes with the rest it needs, it will look dull and dark.  5. If you rest your eyes by sleeping 8 hours a day, it will reveal its natural glow.

This is so because the melanin concentration in the iris keeps changing throughout the child’s formative years. If you are keen on changing your eye color, nuts are the primary source of nutrition you should incorporate in your diet. Carrots!!

Marie france asia (sister site of marie france magazine and caters to all women across the South East Asia region today.

Allergies – 22 Strange and Unexpected Triggers, Add an Air Purifying Plant to Your Home – 15 Top Varieties, Cleaning Hacks – 20 Tricks You Have to Know, 33 Uses of Lemons and Lemon Peels For Home and Body, Calories – 12 Workouts to Keep the Count Down, Not Drinking Enough Water? Required fields are marked *. Let us see which foods can bring a sparkle to your eyes! Here is the list of 5 food you can try to give your eyes a lighter hue. This oil is also said to work wonders for joint pain and is termed as the best organic moisturizer. Adding the fish product to your diet can also result in permanent change. Eye colors may have nothing to do with toxins in the body, but it just may be hereditary traits from your genetics. Research has proved that ginger reduces the symptoms of asthma and heals liver damage caused by over medication.

Using Makeup and Accessories to Create the Illusion of Brighter, Lighter Eye Color. A useful but lesser known way to lighten your eyes naturally is to train your brain to avoid thinking about negative patterns, doubts, or even puzzles. Alter your diet Certain foods like eggs, beef, turkey and chocolate facilitate the production of serotonin, which subsequently forces your pupils to expand which in turn makes your irises narrower.

The same people suggest putting two to three drops of the mixture into each eye and repeating the procedure twice per day, and say that by doing this you can change your eye color within two weeks. Some people could make their eyes clearer from eating a raw diet, but may not change the color of their eyes 2. To make your eyes lighter with eyeshadow, choose shades that go best with your natural eye color. Read on further to know how to change your eye color without contacts or surgery.

So if you want to change your eye color naturally, give it a try – none of these foods are harmful for your health and some may even help improve it, so you have nothing to lose. It is also a source of Vitamin A. You can also use nude eyeliner to line the inner rim of your lower eyelid to make eyes appear brighter. The high content of iron in spinach makes your eyes brighter. 6. How to overcome 'baby quake' in your marriage, according to a relationship... Spice It Up: 5 Studios that offer boudoir photography in Singapore.

Onions are also vital in reducing chances of colorectal cancers. Contact lenses are one way to do it, but who wants to wear them if there are no problems with eye sight? Just ensure that the serotonin levels are not diminished to such a drastic extent that they begin to impact your psychological and emotional health.

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