), Visions of Gideon, (visions of Gideon), visions of Gideon, (visions of Gideon), Visions of Gideon, (visions of Gideon), visions of Gideon, (visions of Gideon), Visions of Gideon, Visions of Gideon, visions of Gideon, visions of Gideon, (Is it a video?) NOBSE Study Bible Name List reads Cutter Of Trees, but the tree-part is unnecessary. There is another aspect I want to understand: the fact that 'God'= Oliver dissapears when his work has finished. [Verse 2] Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino told Pitchfork: In the script, you have a line at the end saying, “Elio stares at the fire and thinks of his life.” It was always in my mind that he tended to be with one shot. When you can look back on a relationship and see the shining moments, those are the Visions of Gideon, and you replay them, over and over, like a video, particularly if you didn't want the relationship to end. . Listened to them, loved them, then hated them for making me feel such extreme sadness. (Is it a video?) I would like to ask you some opinions. While they were filming the scene director Guadagnino made Timothée Chalamet wear an earpiece that played the song to him.

The meaning of the title Visions of Gideon reflects Elio and Oliver’s Jewish faith and their relationship. Thank you, Thank you for your excellent exclamation. More on Genius. Is it a video? Elio also comes to terms with the ending of their romance and Oliver's new engagement to a woman and how they can never rekindle their romance. I too have read the book and seen the movie and thought it was a great soundtrack, but I needed clarification on the closing song! [They]  immediately felt that “Visions of Gideon” was the perfect song for [the] moment in which Elio thinks of his life.

. Thank you very much for the explanation! I've just finished wathing the film for the 3rd time and needed to understand the final scene and the thing about Gideon. Asking if Oliver would come back, or if they would see each other again, it's a perfect portrait of life, in all senses. This is my interpretation: This is Elio reminiscing his time together with Oliver, grieving the ending of their affair, asking “Did it really ever happen? I'm a bit late to the party, but it might also be worth mentioning one of the lines the two arguing Art Historians say at dinner: "Film is a mirror of reality and it's a filter.". Mystery of love opens with “The first time that you kissed me” and Visions of Gideon ends with “And I have kissed you for the last time”. Elio's war is not quite clear to me because of the affair with the girl (I still haven't understood why, if he took a look to the watch all the time LOL).

Visions of Gideon, (Is it a video? I stumbled across this when I was looking for its lyric. and now finding out what it means makes me want to cry.

Is it a video? Bear with me. I could barely eat for several days after seeing this movie it made me so profoundly sad. Due to the fact that Oliver is God, a God cannot suffer, but Oliver suffers in the film. For the love, for laughter, I flew up to your arms [Outro] I'm assuming that the "visions of Gideon" can represent the great joy of having been involved in something beautiful yet temporary (as was felt through a victory against enemies through Gideon's life) and/or the confidence that the relationship was a real thing contrasting something as detached as a video that you can only watch and not physically experience (like the confidence Gideon received through signs or "visions" in his assured victory over the enemies).

[Chorus] (Is it a video? Gideon meaning. For the love, for laughter, I flew up to your arms Is it a video? For the love, for laughter, I flew up to your arms

The people of Israel then remained free from their enemies as they worshiped Yahweh while Gideon was alive. Visions of Gideon, visions of Gideon, visions of Gideon

This was before I got the music from Sufjan. There seems to be constant reference to love through literature, music and film which is potentially why the "is it a video?" The song opens with the line “I have loved you for the last time” referring back to the song “Mystery of Love” that played when Elio and Oliver were together. I havent seen the movie nor am I ever planning to but I get a huge breakup vibe from the song. Thank you - this is a perfect explanation. lyric is repeated so often. (Is it a video?) ), visions of Gideon, (Is it a video? And now I know the story of Gedeon, the end is more special. I watched the movie 5 days ago and after that I can't help thinking about it. JUDGES 6:12-13 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him "The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour." Gideon worshipped and loved GOD more than anyone, even in the difficult times. Obviously it's a heartbreaking love song but I didn't understand what he means with "is it a video" and what "visions of gideon" means. Is it a video?

Which is the conquest of Elio, being in love with Oliver or attract him?

Is it a video? Yet I can't pinpoint what it is that has me in this funk. I've never been touched by a movie like this before. I have loved you for the last time If Oliver was "God", there is frustration when you see that God has gone forever, and you ask why over and over, the same feeling that people have when God seems not to be present anymore. Press J to jump to the feed.

He was mesmerised when GOD appeared right in front of his eyes and asked Gideon to lead HIS conquest in Israel. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, prophets from the Book of Judges in the Bible that shares the name. It actually surprised me that people didn't realize that. Is it a video? (Is it a video?)

In an interview with Pitchfork, director Luca Guadagnino described how singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens’ song “Visions of Gideon,” was so crucial to the last scene. Is it a video? Is it a video? But I kept listening. I mean, the aim of all of this was Elio being beloved or loved? This makes so much sense, thanks again!! I HAVE LOVED YOU FOR THE LAST TIME, VISIONS OF GIDEON, VISIONS OF GIDEON . The scene in the movie where this song plays is so visceral that people in the audience were not just crying-- they were full on sobbing.

A subreddit dedicated to the music of Sufjan Stevens!

Gideon. Is it a video?

(spoiler is coming) Thanks a lot. ), visions of Gideon

I feel like it's supposed to be alluding to a link between memory, a fallible medium, and video, a much less fallible medium. "Is it a video?" When we shot the scene, I put the earbud in Timothée’s ear and played the song for him. I was with my editor and with Armie and Timothée, and we were shocked by the beauty, commitment, and attitude in these songs.

Gideon represents an interesting example of faith, a man who continually needed signs from God to be assured of His will, yet when he did act, he did so mightily in the LORD. Just a thought! The song’s title and chorus reference the story of Gideon in Jewish scripture.

This movie held my heart in a vice the entire time. I HAVE LOVED YOU FOR THE LAST TIME, VISIONS OF GIDEON, VISIONS OF GIDEON! Elio was Gideon! Is it a video?

Visions of Gideon, visions of Gideon, visions of Gideon

And Gideon said unto him "Oh my Lord, if the LORD be with us, why then is all this befallen us? Thank you, To GeishaDaRrin, you are a deeply insightful person. And where be all HIS miracles which our fathers told us of, saying, Did not the LORD bring us up from Egypt? I looked up all interviews with the director and cast, downloaded the Sufjan tracks.

But with Oliver being gone his memories--as vivid as videos-- are only visions of what could have been between him and Oliver. And I have kissed you for the last time Guadagnino explained how he, “was with [his] editor , Armie and Timothée, and [they] were shocked by the beauty, commitment, and attitude in [the songs Stevens had shown them]. Visions of Gideon perfectly describes Elios reflection of his feelings and brings his thoughts out loud. Despite how disjointed I felt the movie was with some of the writing, casting, character development and editing, it was a beautiful story.

[Chorus] Was a simple summer game for Oliver? You can feel it in a romantic sense, but you can also feel it in a non-romantic context, like, say, if someone dies.

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