WXFT's 5,000,000-watt transmitter malfunctioned in the early hours of December 6, 2006, causing an alarm which forced action by the Chicago Fire Department to extinguish the smoldering equipment. The UHF channel 60 allocation to Aurora was originally occupied by WLXT-TV, which broadcast from May 16, 1969 to July 17, 1970. In order to access the service, viewers had to purchase a set-top descrambling converter and pay a monthly subscription fee in order to view sporting events such as White Sox games.

However, SportsVision achieved little success on WPWR/WBBS-TV and converted into a cable channel in January 1984. In January 1999, USA Broadcasting considered converting WEHS into a general entertainment independent station under the "CityVision" programming model infusing local and syndicated programming that was adopted by its Miami sister station WAMI-DT in June 1998;[17] under such a change, it also proposed changing the station's call letters to WNDE (meaning "Windy", in reference to Chicago's nickname, "The Windy City"). UniMás la cadena más joven de Univision con los shows más divertidos, series , telenovelas, películas en español, deportes y más. WLXT was an independent station that abruptly closed after 14 months of attempting to serve its suburban coverage area, but it was notable for the people that passed through it, particularly news director Christine Lund, who became a well-known news anchor in Los Angeles, and Tom Skilling, longtime chief meteorologist at WGN-TV (channel 9), who got his start in television broadcasting at WLXT and presented daily weather forecasts for the station during his junior year of high school. In response to losing access to SIN programming, WCIU chose to align with NetSpan. The 2020 MLS TV schedule on the networks of ESPN, Fox Sports and Univision.

Both stations shared[5] one critical piece of programming: a new subscription television service called SportsVision (a companion service to ONTV), which Eychaner and Miyares had developed through a deal with Chicago White Sox co-owners Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn. WXFT-DT, virtual channel 60 (UHF digital channel 22), is an UniMás owned-and-operated television station serving Chicago, Illinois, United States that is licensed to Aurora.The station is owned by the Univision Local Media subsidiary of Univision Communications, as part of a duopoly with Joliet-licensed Univision owned-and-operated station WGBO-DT (channel 66). The permit had been held by a group of Indiana businessmen doing business as GWWX-TV and later Great Lakes Broadcasting. [9] This allowed Metrowest to proceed with its plan of moving the WPWR-TV intellectual unit from channel 60 to channel 50 while selling the channel 60 license;[10] the noncommercial allocation shifted to channel 56, which signed on as WYIN on November 15, 1987. The WDAI construction permit had existed since 1982, but short-spacing concerns to channel 60 and to two allocations in southeast Wisconsin had meant channel 56 could not be placed on the Sears Tower; this finding crippled a previous attempt to build the allocation as WGMI in 1968. On cable, WXFT is available on Comcast Xfinity and RCN channel 15. This service also gives users the chance to replay content on-demand up to 72 hours after the program’s original broadcast. In December 2009, WXFT and sister station WGBO, along with most of Univision's other owned-and-operated stations, upgraded their main digital channels to transmit in 16:9 1080i high definition, in preparation for the launches of Univision and Telefutura's HD simulcast feeds in 2010. WXFT-DT will not go off the air, but they will share spectrum with WLS-TV. When applications for channel 60 were reopened in 1978, considerable interest was attracted. In the spring of 1985, WSNS-TV (channel 44) ended its five-year run as an affiliate of the ONTV subscription service and announced that would affiliate with SIN. [8] In August 1986, the commission issued final orders switching the commercial and noncommercial allocations for Gary.

On April 13, 2017, station owner Univision Communications announced that the over-the-air spectrum of WXFT-DT was sold in the FCC's spectrum reallocation auction for $126.1 million. The station is owned by the Univision Local Media subsidiary of Univision Communications, as part of a duopoly with Joliet-licensed Univision owned-and-operated station WGBO-DT (channel 66). At the same time WPWR debuted, Miyares signed on WBBS-TV (a callsign assigned to the station by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the objections of CBS owned-and-operated station WBBM-TV, channel 2[4]), which maintained a Spanish-language entertainment format as an affiliate of NetSpan (which would evolve into Telemundo in 1987).

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