Poppel’s career ended with the Cincinnati Reds in 2004. High Level. Which ones? I suppose it theoretically could, but I feel like the show has made very few missteps, and it won't start doing so now. How about your top ten of the last ten years?

Don't be them. (Indeed, I took some of it from the Nerd Curious I wrote about Superman, which I stripped a bunch of personal material out of in the editing process.). If Netflix is going to drop 13 episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt whenever, is there incentive for a Christmas episode or is that just going to kind of go away? AV Club is 100% the exception to comments- so maybe you just got spoiled there? Some of Poppel’s most prominent statistics in the MLB included a Win-loss record (pitching) stat of 40-52, a Earned run average stat of 5.58, and a Strikeouts stat of 711. In 1995, he joined the Pirates in a match against the Philadephia Phillies. 1.) ... Van Poppel is now 40 years of age living in ... never been suspended from a team or been linked to anything else illegal or immoral worth … Todd Van Poppel.


6.) I think the tide is turning here. Second question: would you ever consider coming at media discussion from another perspective, perhaps by visiting and writing about a film and television archive?


I would say to any prospective horror directors and writers that the best way to make sure this horror boom (which I very much think is real) continues would be to make sure that what you write is grounded in something real.

Hi Todd, do you have any plans to compile The Complete Adventures Of Frank Fisticuffs and release them as a book and/or sell them to Hollywood?

And in its willingness to blow up TV templates, it reminds me most of The Sopranos.

And I expect once Vox has more latitude in this area, I will get back to doing at least a few of these.

So that's a big leg up. I am not QUITE caught up on this season, but I think it's been a very interesting experiment.

I find Netflix in general sort of exciting, even if they haven't figured out entirely what they're doing creatively. And even those who fundamentally disagreed with me on one point or another, as it pertained to their experiences, were very kind in their pushback. It was my job to catch this stuff before it went to print.).

It's just a matter of time.

I want to do what you do when I grow up.

My favorite show to review weekly has always been Mad Men. 2.) On the other hand, I think we'll eventually come to a place where this evens out, so I'm not too worried about it. I think great comments sections are cool, but most sites don't have the time to curate their sections and prevent trolls/misanthropes from taking over. 5.) What's it like to have such a large area of interest that you not only have to follow, but also write analysis about?

But I think we should also reward programmers who acquire adventurous stuff from overseas by giving them press on their release timetables.)

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