Gustav was an SS soldier and Agnes was actually a converted Christian woman who was Jewish who ended up in Auschwitz concentration camp. Both suffered and both felt their lives were miraculously spared. I usually love reading stories about WWII but this read very much like a text book and I had a hard time getting into it. This is the issue with most books about real people who have faced harrowing circumstances. In fact, I just had to skip over some parts because it was just too painful and horri. This is truly an incredible story. Was this review helpful to you? This is really a time I wish I was good with words. The young soldier who thought possibly he could survive somehow as an SS only to see the horrors of war upfront and to know he was aiding the wrong cause. I found myself sometimes having to start a section over when I would get confused and realized I wasn't picturing the right person. Those who endured the trials are loath to explain more than the essentials, and writers who don't wish to invent details, feelings and meaning, are stymied by the lack of substance. The back and forth between Agnes' and Gustav's voices and experiences was sometimes confusing if I wasn't paying close attention.

But here goes. I have decided to stick with love.Hate is too great a burden to bear"(Martin Luther King Jr.), JackMoniekSamMaxCesiaJakobJadziaUncle Sigmund. Instead he becomes part of the SS and is set to fight the Russians on the Eastern front. Through the experiences of a young Polish boy named Jack Mandelbaum, Surviving Hitler explores concepts such as prejudice

This is truly an incredible story. Gustav was in Norway when it was invaded. He explained even more how his parents dealt with their past; I was very touched. We’d love your help. Despite some gray areas I noticed, which gave birth to 2-3 questions in my mind during the film, which were skipped over by the filmmakers or maybe lost in the cutting room, Surviving Hitler is a very tightly knit film, poignantly told, and entirely devoid of hatred, glorification, guilt or vindictiveness so often expressed by the contemporary filmmakers, who take on this subject matter or even Holocaust era survivors, of either side. And if she did do any soul-searching, it certainly isn't described in the book. The book was hard to put down - I kept wondering how Gustav and Agnes would meet. Since Hitler's name is in the title, I thought he might actually play a more direct role in the story as well. This is the issue with most books about real people who have faced harrowing circumstances.

This a first-hand story written about Agnes, who is a Jewess who was imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II even though she was originally baptized Catholic, and Gustov, who was forced to go into the German army even though he was a Norwegian farmer. I usually love reading stories about WWII but this read very much like a text book and I had a hard time getting into it.

I would recommend this book to kids grade9 and up and people that like books that have to do with mystery,suspense, and drama. I found the writing, however solid, to be lacking in depth and characterization.

This book was incredibly difficult for me to read. I learned that the hope that the world will be a place where all people will love their neighbors as themselves is alive as long as there is one person alive practicing it on the earth.”, Cozy Up with November's Most Anticipated Romances. Sometimes the writing was slow and I wish there was more explanation into how they overcame all the emotional scars of war. Add the first question. Gustav was a young man just trying to make his way in the world but was extremely disappointed when he found what his government actually wanted from him.

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