Forever. Too little, too late from Remington. It was in many people’s mind a training tool. The Versa Max represents a new generation of semi-automatic shotguns, guns that will cycle all kinds of ammo without short-stroking or abusing the receiver. An MSRP of almost $1,500 is no joke. As with all MGW orders, the item was exactly what I ordered and they always ship extremely fast. I plan on using them to shoot trap, the FTE will mean I don’t need to bend over to retrieve shells and will no longer pelt my neighbor on the line with empties. I imagine that different economic circumstances produce different calculations of value. The receiver is drilled for an optic rail, and that rail is included with the package. If you haven’t spent any time with an auto-loader like this under a red-dot optic, don’t. If your goal is to put ridiculous amounts of energy out of the muzzle in very short order, this is the shotgun for you.

This item is currently unavailable. Do they enhance a shooters capability? The Sportsman has a regular ivory bead and mid-bead sighting system instead of the more expensive HiViz fiber-optic sight, it only ships with one choke, modified, and it does not come with a hard carrying case. Typically ships within 5 to 7 business days when a valid FFL is received. When my shotgun goes bang I automatically rack the slide. Great gun for the price. First, accuracy with rifled slugs is horrific. Remington Versa Max Sportsman Semi Automatic Shotgun 12 Gaug... Return to manufacturer for warranty service. – Removable mag extension: Check. This is my go-to scattergun. Some go as far to say that if you are looking at the bead you are not shooting at the target and having one more bead only gives you even more distractions. But that’s not what Marketing departments are directed to say. If a defect is discovered after completing the transfer, you must contact the manufacturer directly for repair or replacement. It will take some practice but once you shoot using a mid bead you may find yourself finding your true and natural point of aim more easily each time. Leave it to to team at Midwest to get it right the first. Yep, and considering the opinion I’ve had of Remington shotguns for a while, writing this review was like eating a big old plate of crow enchiladas. Thanks for the in depth reviews, JWT, you’re one of the main reasons to keep reading TTAG! The included rail allows for great use of slugs or fast use of buckshot, depending on the optic. Beretta Pintail. Even though they would cycle the action, they would always double-feed—two coming out of the magazine at a time. A Mossberg 500 was in my pick up, as always, just in case. Shipping was super fast it fit perfectly and it was of top quality. As a company they are a joke in the gun community, they used to have a sterling reputation and they have ruined that. ... Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical Review. And I have had more Remington long guns than any other brand. Firearms are only available for purchase online. I like everything about your choice except the short barrel. – Ability to switch to fixed stock: Check. So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test? The Sportsman maintains the innovative action and many of the features of the original Versa Max, but drops some of the more expensive add-ons to keep the price low. Fees can vary so check with the FFL Dealer ahead of time to request a quote on the fees associated with your firearm transfer. Also, did you really mean “The inertia driven action runs anything, perfectly.” when you later said “With its Versaport gas system, it just cycles the gun, every single time.”? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Psst, those “brass” low wall shotgun shells, are just brass washed steel. With its Versaport gas system, it just cycles the gun, every single time. Pick up your firearm from the FFL Dealer, who will need to do a criminal and mental health background check. First, like the Competition Tactical, it has an enlarged loading gate. The 930spx I have eats whatever I can stuff in it. One of the reasons I was so hesitant to switch from a pump-action shotgun is the pump action’s supreme reliability. I might look at the V3 for my next irrational purchase but the stoeger might need to go. F18052 : MIDDLE SIGHT METAL THREADED ( WILL NOT FIT BBLS THAT ORIGINALLY HAD THE PLASTIC MID BEAD ), F1915 : CARDBOARD OVERPACK (FOR SHIPPING PLASTIC HARDCASE), F202853 : Receiver Plug Screw Blued (Need 4), F300895 : FRONT SIGHT COMPETITION MSTR (Need Insert Part # F401332), F301734 : CHOKE TUBE 12GA PROBORE WINGMASTER HD EXTENDED TURKEY/PREDATOR .675, F302170 : RECOIL PAD SUPERCELL (VERSA MAX - 1/4" THICKER THAN REGULAR SUPERCELL), F303026 : STOCK ASSB SYN-BLACK (NO SOFT TOUCH), F303027 : STOCK ASSB SYN-MO DUCK BLIND (NO SOFT TOUCH), F303028 : STOCK ASSB SYN-REALTREE AP-HD (NO SOFT TOUCH), F303029 : FORE-END SYN-BLACK (NO SOFT TOUCH), F303030 : FORE-END SYN-MO DUCK BLIND (NO SOFT TOUCH), F303031 : FORE-END SYN-REALTREE AP HD (NO SOFT TOUCH), F304272 : Fore-End Synthetic - Black (Sportsman), F304372 : Stock Assembly Synthetic - Black (Sportsman), F305916 : CHOKE TUBE 12GA PROBORE IMP CYL DIA .726, F305917 : CHOKE TUBE 12GA PROBORE LT MOD DIA .721, F305918 : CHOKE TUBE 12GA PROBORE MOD DIA .717, F305919 : CHOKE TUBE 12 GA PROBORE FULL DIA .699 (LEAD ONLY), F305920 : CHOKE TUBE 12 GA PROBORE IMP MOD DIA .708, F306760 : CHOKE TUBE 12 GA PROBORE FLOODED TIMBER .731 (SKEET), F306761 : CHOKE TUBE 12 GA PROBORE OVER DECOYS .726 (IMP CYL), F306762 : CHOKE TUBE 12 GA PRO BORE® PASS SHOOTING .721 ( LT MOD ).

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