Sanctum Protector, Droconis, etc)? Dracomorph is ideal Champion for all segments of the game except Fire Knight Castle where he can also be very effective since he can strike the Fire Knight 4 times in a row bringing down his Shield (unfortunately he can not place Poison debuffs if Shields are up). If you are willing to grind you can go all the way down to Retribution in Defense and Flawless Execution in the Offense tree. Her base Crit Damage is slightly buffed at 63% and it should be increased over 200%, her base HP is pretty high standing at 22800 while you should increase it to 40000. Kael is especially strong against certain bosses, later on, that could prove troublesome without his aid. This ability has a long cooldown (6 turns when fully upgraded) but it can be very useful in the PvP. Maiden – T5. With his basic attack, Ithos causes massive damage against the single target and decreases enemy Max Health by a portion of his initial damage with a 20% chance to be granted an Extra Turn. Sinesha(no books) I’m specially interested in Warchief, I want to know if the changes could get better punctuation and maybe go to A. He only revives one Skullsworn on the team. Let’s take a closer look at each of the starter champions to get an idea of why we’ve chosen to rank them in this order. Just pulled – Myrmidon (Rare), I dont see him on your list.

He takes 15 books to max out. Just my two cents, tried to be constructive. His third ability is a game-changer and his trade-mark. Chance to do a critical can be maxed up to a 50% chance with books. It is crazy when the Epic in a fusion is better by far than the Legend they are food for. Best Gear sets for Krisk are Defense and Attack Sets.

5% Poison > HP Burn, this should be reflected. He is not the slowest character in the game but 93 Speed is really low and it needs all available enhancements from artifacts. This skill increases Defense by 60% of Krisk while increasing Speed of all allies by 30%, both of these buffs last for 2 turns. This skill Blocks all Buffs [Block Buffs] on enemies and reduces Healing [Heal Reduction] for 2 turns on Frozen [Freeze] enemies. For upgrading “Suppression” you will need 4 Legendary Books.

Sinesha also can solo Minotaur run too (took me 2 minutes per run before I tried Skullcrown).

The value of [Shield] and the damage done is proportional to the Valkyrie’s DEF. You can equip him with Reflex gear, but he is not good in it like Bad-el-Kazar, although he can pull through. If they are slow, you can overpower them with speed by adding Apothecary into the team. Reinbeast has a very good Defense and his Health Bar is considerable. We updated it in the last update :). For gear keep in mind that he is a debuffer so Speed is one of the most important stats for him. Her HP should be around 35 000, while her Defense should be around 5500. Yesterday Gurptuk was in the A rank.

Reinbeast is an Epic Defense Champion from the Skinwalkers Faction. When building your perfect team, you’ll likely find yourself in the situation of needing a champion of a specific role to balance out your team. I use your ratings in my own spreadsheet where I track what heros I have, and it’s very tedious to have to go through the whole list every time you update. Several places were found that match your search criteria. Ithos also has an Aura that increases the Critical Rate of all allies in the Arena by 33%.

If you want to book her, you should aim to fully max out the Recall ability. When we talk about masteries it is important to say that Rotos should focus on Offense Tree and Defense Tree. Harvest Jack’s basic skill is known as Harvest of Fear and it hits one target 3 times. It likely has to due with the fact I don’t have much in the mastery section yet. She is almost completely useless in Clan Boss. This is the best one you could ever find!

Demon spawn. I have him geared up with Life, Divine Offense and Offense Artifacts, with Masteries in Offense and Support. Could you also make a section for champions like Elenaril and Zavia who have skills that deal damage from all Poison Debuff s instantly. His health should be close to 40000. If an enemy is Debuffed with Heal Reduction he places a hit, but if an enemy is 100% Debuffed by Heal Reduction he attacks two extra times. For the Arena, he is not so great. While selecting masteries go down the Defense and Support trees. This ability can be used for snowballing while farming and it could be very powerful if fully upgraded. Do not forget to calculate her Speed to be the slowest in the team. @Ben: Thanks for pointing out the missing champion!

@Rigalto: Thanks for highlighting the error! Naturally, he needs Life Sets and Speed Sets. Elder Skarg should be equipped with Attack%, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Speed gear. She can be built in the Support or a Damage Dealer direction and either way is fine. Her Aura increases the HP of all allies in all Battles by 15%. I was just wondering if there was any reason for lumping Champions together in a categories and sub-categories rather than just ranking them 1 —> X? Says he has 5 stars in almost every type of battle….please reply so I know what to do with him. If it is shown S Rank here but she is almost useless everywhere else, it will also mislead players too. What am i doing wrong? Raid Tier List 2020. It is clear that the best heroes in the game – legendary, but among the epic … Could you please email it to me so I can have a complete list to print. Thanks you for everythong so far though!. Your email address will not be published. For the full upgrade, you will need 4 Legendary Books. His game knowledge is exceptional, and his goal is to share tips with his viewers. She will require skill tomes to make her function perfectly and no RNG. I prefer having at least 220 ACC with her. Provides decent support to allies He doesn’t need Accuracy so gear-wise always go for Crit Damage, Attack, and Crit Rate depending on what you want to use him for.

Name Saito, @uwucreamies: I have added some explanation of the rating system in the guide below. Heroes are positioned randomly within a specific tier thus their placement does not show that they are better or more popular than others in the same tier. Roschard sole purpose is to protect the team in combat.

Also, Life steal equipment is good for any champion that uses all his abilities for attack and has a good base defense which is the case with Stag Knight. His Accuracy and Resist are also pretty good. The second skill “Command” places two buffs that buff 50% Increase Attack and a 30% Increase Critical Rate for two turns. When fully booked this ability has 15% more damage. Each hit has a 50% chance to apply Block Buffs debuff, Decrease Attack debuff and Heal Reduction Debuff for 2 turns. This healing is even greater if the target is under True Fear or Fear debuff. Try to get her Speed to around 240. If Minaya is in the same team, Khoronar attacks all targets twice and his chance to decrease target’s Turn Meter rises to 100%. Crimson Helm is an Epic Defense champion from the Dark Elf faction. She can be used in every Dungeon except Spirit Keep (even there is better than most of other Champions), she is the best Character for Campaign and she is irreplaceable in Clan Boss fights and Arena. His affinity is Magic meaning that he is strong against Spirit affinity and weak against Force affinity.

Executioner is a Rare Defense champion from the Knight Revenant faction. He is great in the Magic Keep, Dragon’s Lair, and Faction Wars.

For the full upgrade of his skills, a player needs 12 Legendary Books in total which is not a small number but since you will need to maximize only “Icegrave Armor” with a little luck he can be effectively upgraded with 5-6 Legendary Books at most (if you spend more than 8 Books for upgrading third ability it is justified to fully upgrade all abilities if that is possible). His Aura increases the Speed of Allies by 32% in Arena. With the Dead Aim, he can literally assassinate the target he picked and cooldowns of his abilities are very low compared to some other Champions on this list. If you have any input, recommendations, or feedback on this tier list, we welcome it in the comment section below. It places a 25% [Strengthen] buff (new buff which is opposite of [Weaken] – improves general sustain) and 60% [Increase DEF] buff on all allies for 2 turns which is incredible.

His Health pool is incredible and he is very fast for HP Champions but his Defense and Attack are below average. (^u^)/. He is a Defense Champion with a ridiculous damage potential and that means that he can be used as a damage dealer instead of Attack Champions who simply cannot survive long enough in the end-game Dungeons. Seeker is an Epic Defense Champion from the Undead Hordes Faction. @Ayumilove Thank you for these rankings and your entire site!

In total it takes thirteen books to max out all his abilities which is a lot, especially for a legendary Champ. It attacks all enemies causing moderate damage with a 50% chance to place [Provoke] debuff on each target for 1 turn. I have added the 3 new Daily Login Reward Champions into theis list and also updated the Patch Notes section. Life steal is pretty good for the Clan Boss and in Faction Wars. His passive “Vendetta” will ignore 7,5% Defense of an enemy with each consecutive attack, this stacks up to 30%. His first skill “Eldritch Flames” attacks an enemy three times.

His equipment should be focused on Attack %, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Speed and Accuracy and he should wear 2 Offense Set or Lifeasteal Set along with Speed Set. For the Campaign, she is not that good and she is awful in the Spider’s Den. Not sure how I would gear galek, but accuracy seems important for this to work.

Additionally, caster and all allies are healed by 20% of the damage inflicted. The third skill “Smothering Swath” is an AoE ability that places a 15% Continuous Heal buff on all allies for 2 turns.

@ayumilove Thank you for a great resource as a new player to the game your side has helped a lot.

Siphi the Lost Bride is a Support Champion who can always choose whether to disable dangerous opponents from playing or to heal her allies in times of need. His affinity is Magic, meaning that he is strong against Spirit characters and weak against Force characters. which is in my opinion misleading. When diving into her masteries go down the Offense and Support trees. Additionally, each hit has a 35% chance of stealing 30% of the target’s current Turn Meter. Love this but I do have a request…could you add pics of the champions to the spreadsheet and could you make the spreadsheet downloadable?

He can be built as a damage dealer or you can build him as a support.

It protects your team against nasty debuffs while placing the most important damaging debuff on all enemies at the same time. He is most known for his incredible skill, Dark Sphere. And her passive is really good. His affinity is Magic, meaning that he is strong against Spirit characters and weak against Force characters. Early~Mid or Mid~Late Game), but for specialist he/she can be great from Early~Mid~Late Game). A Defense amulet is a good choice for her. Also, it heals all allies by 25% of their MAX HP if they have less than 50% HP. (e.g. But if you have a very small amount of books aim for the second and third skill.

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