A big pike may be waiting for you in that spot! For another thing, it is much safer to be on the ice during the day; you can scan the ice much better and there are most likely other people around. If your lure keeps breaking the surface or staying just below it, you know that you are retrieving it too fast. Something that you simply cannot achieve by using other types of lures.

If you are using wire, the risk of a bite off is extremely low, always! You currently have javascript disabled. This will give an indication where the hook is. A big game landing net may look gigantic, but it’s gonna be just right for those big, fat pike mammas!

If you are fishing Sylvan Lake and pick up a set of long handled pliers from the lake bottom, I want them back. Simply slow down a bit and try to find that perfect balance of speed.

Pike are called snot rockets for a reason! The main reason for this is the mono’s stretch, which comes in handy when float fishing or ledgering for pike. Even with a good grip on the jaw, you still do not want to stick your fingers into the mouth.

They have a tendency to get hooked and hence lost. I just thought I should let people know how important it is to have a set of jaw spreaders handy when going after pike. I have been a passionate fisherman since 1997 and spend as much time as possible on the bank. The easiest way to present a live baitfish is by using a float.

A big sling or bag will fit even the biggest and fattest of pike and makes weighing such a fish much easier as well.

Such a set-up allows the baitfish to move relatively freely and thereby enables you to cover a bigger area in the water.

Crankbaits can both dive deep and will give you the very best presentation when trolling or slow-trolling them behind a boat. A hungry pike will certainly not mind swimming that extra yard or two in order to get to his prey. However, fishing too close to reeds, weeds, and snags could result in a lure loss! Whether you fly fish a 2wt on small creeks for brook trout, a 14' 9wt for Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon, or Tarpon on a 12wt; your contributions and questions will be welcomed and appreciated! They also have the advantage of not costing too much money. Just make sure you are buying rods with a decent backbone. If you are fishing with more than one rod and/or in poor light conditions, electronic bite alarms will be your best friends when it comes to bite detection. A wire cutter can assist you in such a situation, cutting your trace swiftly and easily. These larger specimens do not need the cover of the shallower water areas. It can also prevent the pike from shaking off those hooks, as the stretch, once again, acts as a buffer for those violent head shakes that the pike is known for.

They can be extremely slimy and handling them will leave a lot of that slime on your hands. Instead, use a net for landing the fish and a big bag or a sling, as well as a proper fishing scale in order to weigh it. That's super hard and intimidating to new fishermen.

Instead, they confidently hunt in open water and can be found at various depths out there.

Do not make the mistake and try to catch your baits while you’re pike fishing. I've seen conflicting information on whether or not it is advisable to use jaw spreaders to keep a pike's mouth open when unhooking them. When engaged, the free spool function lets the fish take line freely from the spool, thereby creating zero resistance for the fish and triggering the bite indication (in the form of a bite alarm, a hanger or bobbin, or simply by the sound of the rotating spool itself). So, remain cool and wait 5-10 seconds, it’ll pay off! When it comes to monofilament line (used mainly for live and dead bait fishing), a line of 12-15lb and a diameter of 0.32-0.35mm is a perfect fit for pike fishing. As will be explained in tip #40, it is crucial that you are using an appropriately sized float for your baitfish. 2. Some of the best dead baits for pike include: A common mistake that beginners make far too often is that they put on a float that is too light for the live bait they are using. Set it before you start fishing so that a fish can take some line if too much pressure is applied to it (test this by pulling your line with your hand). It will prevent your line from twisting when retrieving your lures.

During the night, pike often feed and rest in shallower water, which is why you should, once again, try to hit the margins and shallower areas just off the shore.

Your baitrunner (used for live and dead baiting, as well as for trolling) should be able to hold around 150-200m of 0.35mm monofilament mainline. So, do not focus too much on it when it comes to baitfish size vs float size.

Many anglers have lost big pike right at their feet due to a net that the fish just wouldn’t fit into. However, catching, storing, and transporting live bait demands a lot of preparation and time. Buy It Now. Luckily, many modern cameras and mobiles have a self-timer in them. Just don’t forget to bring some coffee with you to wake you up a little! Not only do they sound when there is a bite, but they also have small, very bright LED lights for visual bite indication.

Also buy a couple of basic bite alarms, 10. Crankbaits, spoons, and inline spinners have been catching pike for hundreds of years and they continue to do so to this day. Pike can be really strong and aggressive fighters, which is why you need a mainline that can handle their violent head shakes and fast runs. Felt quite stupid and was embarassing hahaha.Always carry a set of long pliers and a jaw spreader in your bag.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Get yourself a qualitative spinning reel and baitrunner with at least 3-4 steel ball bearings and you are good to go. No, it could not. The perfect bottom rig for beginners is the basic running rig. These pliers will ensure a safe and easy unhooking of the fish, no matter how deep it is hooked. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. FAST 'N FREE. Use armor gloves to handle pike mouths, 48. It is now that pike can get into a real feeding frenzy. But good advice nonetheless. If you’re after more detailed and advanced tips on the best pike gear, make sure to also check out the recommended gear page!

Pike have extremely powerful jaws and trying to open up that mouth with your hands can both be very difficult and dangerous. You can gear up later on if you feel the need to do so. Your email address will not be published. I find keeping them in the water keeps them a little calmer. If you decided to get a baitrunner reel, this is the perfect opportunity to use it!

The drag system lets you determine how much or how little line a fish can take and acts as a buffer and protection against line breaks.

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