The side air could do either 5 damage or 25 damage depending on how you hit it, so the neutral air is more consistent in damage.

The extra work you did to put in gifs really improves it! Freelance Reaper This reaper is playing for keeps!-Mallhallapurchase description Nix is a die-hard freelance reaperLegendfeaturing theScytheandBlastersas her weapons.

Scarlet Side Light into Neutral Signature, Lord Vraxx Side Light into Neutral Signature.

It isn't too big of a problem since timing a 1 frame dodge is insanely hard but just thought i would let you know.

I wouldn’t say Brynn and I are friends, but I respect her work. Down Light into SAir - Best for racking up damage and keeping up pressure at non red health.Down Light into Recovery - Great for kills at red healthDown Light into NAir - Great for roof carries and getting kills at orange-red healthDown Light into DAir - Can knock opponents into edge guard situations (Thank you Tybo! “The Ravenous Sloor’s time was up, but we weren’t staffed for getting that kind of horror to slip the mortal coil. Get going now!

If you were looking for unarmed combos, you're looking at the wrong place. I do have to note that blasters are extremely complicated to use, and that a newcomer to this game can easily get confused by how to use it.

The higher a characters strength, the harder certain combos become at higher damage values, due to the characters being launched further away.

Home Beginner Combos Coin Methods Legends Contact Combos Combos For Each Weapon (Gauntlets Coming Soon) Blasters. She dragged The Hundred-legged Banshee of Donegal kicking and screaming to the Realm of Arawn.

Hammer Combos. © Valve Corporation. A subreddit for the 2D fighting game, Brawlhalla! Guns have no true combos, you can get a good setup off of a neutral light or dair close to the ground and follow up with a side light or sair. Attacks are slow if not combo'd correctly, Has a tough time fighting against high defense legends.

However at orange health and above characters fall out before the last hit connects.

When we needed a specialist, we called Nix.” – Belzar, Ikruski God of Death and Volcanoes “I’ve done work for Hermes, Orcus, Namtar, lots of smaller pantheon jobs. Katars.

I'll probably get around to them eventually or do it in a followup post. Its still one of the best tools the katar has and is very hard to dodge escape from.

Like the Katars NQuick.

Only works on white-orange health characters.

The slide into NAir combos, it's just the 3rd hit of the NAir drops for like 1 frame before landing the last hit. The inputs for all the hammer combos are: Stamp into Scoop - Down X > A > Down XStamp into SAir - Down X > A > Side XStamp into NAir - Down X > A > XStamp into Lasso - Down X > BStamp into Drop Into Recovery - Down X > Down > B. I guess its covered by "ground moves" but Katar's Dair>Dsig should be mentioned on its own, its a very potent combo. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I'll be posting the true combos and strings that I use all the time. Guns have hard combos? I'll have to check later today how stats affect it connecting.

Random Other Brawlhalla Guides: Full Guide to Brawlball.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Brawlhalla.

Nice job man, u put a lot of effort into it and really make it worth.

You talking about tight strings out of dair? I did some testing and it hasn't changed on the current patch.

Good find, i'll add it to the post! When the dust settled, eleven of the targets were missing.

Please note these are true combos, there are allot of setups/sequences which give you a big frame advantage however allot of them are dodge escapable (katars come to mind). It's stated multiple times that Nix is female.

The Undead Lord of Elyria was her first repeat customer, and a nice source of steady work. Wow that must require some pretty good timing. Edit: I believe this is the patch note you are referring to. It's the end of the guide. Slide into NAir - Really good because every character can do it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A++ post, maximus. By H1KaRiLG. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Thanks for the input! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My main is Cross who is a Gauntlet / Blasters legend. It isn't too big of a problem since timing a 1 frame dodge is insanely hard but just thought i would let you know. Added some character specific combos for Scarlet and Lord Vraxx (I think vraxx might be top tier :o).

Sword. If you are looking at the sword, then you're wrong. I should have put inputs in the info. She can be unlocked for5400gold. Odin’s warrior heaven is home to all sorts of metaphysical rulebreakers and rogue souls. Blasters Combos.

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