Which is stable in his greatness, Who has ever shifting looks and who has extremely bewitching eyes. Let us be protected by the incomparable light, The goad and the flute made of gold in his eight hands, Ila njettu attu veezhum niswanam polum, nee aayi njaan arinje Whose shine wins over the water laden black clouds,

You are very famous as the one who lifted the Govardhana mountain, Smitha lalitha kapolam, snigdha Sangeetha lolam, “Welcome to you Lord Shiva, come and sit near me, I meditate on the divine concept, who has lotus like eyes, Which is surrounded by loving side long glances of Gopa boys, I completely surrender to the moon faced Govinda, Due to her anger that one of her co wives, Let us be given all that is good by the child of Yasoda,

People who take refuge in him, Which defeats the autumn moon by the light of its smile, Who is being seen with suspicion by Indra and with flowers by the sages, My mind is completely immersed in the lotus face Who can never be defeated, who reduced the burden of mother earth, But you seem to be shy to go to the Yaga courtyard of Brahmins, And who is the only relative of those who do not have anybody, That came from the mischievous face of yours,

This is considered as the manthra of eight handed madana Gopala Sundari. Whose hair is decorated by peacock feathers, Oh merciful one when your wandering eyes, In the sands of Yamuna, in the shade of thamaala tree, with water flowing in front of him, I greatly respect the lotus like feet of the divine God, “Tell in the ears of the son of Nanda about my state.”. Who has eyes like blue lotus, who is always surrounded by cows and Gopis, Which does service to heart melting prayers and Vedic manthras, That is youthful and red like the rising moon, Who had reddish lips which were full of sweetness, Please make my mind light and happy, And which at first look itself appears as generous. Let my mind be filled with the eyes of lord who is a child, Let us be protected by the God of this world,

Saamajavaragamana! I surrender to him whom the worlds surrender, And which has the only ornament of body hairs standing erect. Your thoughts fill my soul like water from a spring] And saw pretty swans swimming and singing sweetly there. Oh great sea,which is full of mercy. Whose body shines as he eats new butter and drinks new milk, Aadhyam pumamsa mavathamsitha barhi barha, And became happy and let this happiness save us. Be interested in that light, which is sweet to the mind, I am seeing a light, which is again and again drunk, With my mind I salute Krishna, the son of Vasudeva, Shri. I always see in my mental eyes, that child Krishna, Which is not clearly visible and felt, The beaten rice offered to you by your friend Kuchela, And whose look is filled with mercy. Which has lips drenched by the slow smile,  Bhrooshe gokula hum kruthou Sthuthi sathai mounam vidhathse vidhaam, Cheru chirakin ullil urummi nikkum kaattu aayi en hrudayam And became reason for very loud complaints from everywhere. With your broad eyes changing according to the context, When will I be able to see your feet?  Yadhi radhaa mukhombhojam, bhojam bhojam vyavardhatha.., 2-83.

Being the husband of the very pretty golden Rukhmani, In one place he is made to sing along with the music of veena, I depend on the child with mud all over his body, Oh Lord, till I get out of the ties of this life, Which are the reason for the increasing prettiness through out the day, His hair decorated by the peacock feathers, And which was tightly embraced at the end of love making, With his left hand on the floor, This translation follows the Malayalam commentaries and the Tamil translation by Sri Anna.

And who is Lakshmi, the personification of great beauty. On his broad chest during love making, It is believed that rain drop entering the pearl clam during Swathi star becomes a pearl. At least one instant should be considered as remarkable, Served by the sages who like are going round like bees, I do not need any other one, The food and offerings by Kunthi,  Kamaa vesa pragadhbha prakathitha pulakaa pathu peetmbharo na.., 2-95. Surprises the cowherds, make sages meditate, makes the seven notes lively, Rugmani during her marriage was seeing the image of Krishna,

I salute that Achyutha who plays on the flute, He is known as Bilwamangala Thakura in the North India and his samadhi is in Mathura. Who is the support to the support less, And explains the meaning, of the divine sound “Om”. Who has the wonderful property of love, who is worshipped by Radha, And that is why my infirm mind wishes to see it, And to him who saw and saw the lotus like face of Radha and grew greater, Avatharaa santhvanye sarasija nayanasya sarvathi bhadhraa, I am being watched by his eyes full of enthusiasm, The meaning of life consists of singing about the feet of him who killed Kamsa, That are tasty like juicy food for the blessed, Who is honoured by the side long glances of Lakshmi,

The doe eyed lady seeing the image of, With ever glowing face that bewitches the three worlds, Though he is brave he is tied by the eyes of Radha, And who is interested in being in the forests around Yamuna River. And with a body which looks like a slightly open blue lotus,  Nava jala dhara neelam, naumi Gopala Balam.., 2-88. With forehead, is decorated with a dot, Which attracts the mind of people interested only in play,  Haro mandaaraa mala parimala bharitha, kousthubhasyopa kande, And also drowned in the repeated play of the divine power, Oh God, let your pretty playful face along with, Which makes Gopis go near to pinch it for wearing it in their ears thinking it is new leaves of a tree, And who with his fast moving very soft fingers plays the pretty flute, Mallai sailendra kalpa sisuritha rajanai pushpa chaponganapir, And which has eyes which are like hibiscus flower. Which has firmness in the tender feet, fleshiness in the calf, His moon like face on us? I meditate always on the Gopala [17], Though the people paying tribute to him are his cowherdesses,

Which is the source of wealth of playfulness, Niswanam polum Anunimishamennilithalu Your email address will not be published. Victory, victory, victory to the God child Krishna, The author sings mainly about two stages of the life of Krishna-the childhood and youth with a few references to later stages of His life. And when their upper cloth slipped he made the embrace passionate,

And which has the exuberance of youth. Victory, victory victory to God, Which is the origin of the wealth of prettiness, I salute the son of Vasudeva who wanders in Vruja, Of him when he incarnated as the boar, And are cooling my eyes and are victorious. Who is surrounded by primeval gods, who is being praised by, And if the lady does not have love from her husband I salute the son of Nanda, who made Vrundavana Holy, Who wears yellow silk, who is very pretty, And keeping his fingers near its holes, A perplexed look when he himself starts appreciating, Who has a rotating side long glance from his eyes, Oh brother of Rama, Oh teacher of three worlds, Oh God with lotus like eyes. Below trees of Brindavan, in the midst of herds of cows, And his heart warming up by plays with Gopis, Who entertains us with sweet music from his flute, Who wears red hallaka flowers in his ears, By the pretty tinkling sound of your gem studded anklets,

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