Second most useless thing for the Switch. 0 / 5, 0 ratings. For those that want to learn more about what’s in store for Atmosphere in the coming year, you may want to check its Roadmap linked below! A Nintendo Switch Theme with SXOS in mind. In this video we take a look at some stunning animated custom themes you can install on a Nintendo Switch capable of running homebrew. A bug which could cause a deadlock while installing ‘mitm’ services – this is a breaking change so sysmodules that use ‘mitm’ need to be recompiled in order to function properly, Atmosphere sysmodules no respond incorrectly when they receive invalid messages, A bug related to fatal auto-reboot timing was fixed, Mesosphere is an open-source re-implementation of Horizon OS’ kernel that can already run games and was considered to be around 90% finished in July, When mesosphere is stable and well-tested, Atmosphere’s version number. Re: New PS3 Game - Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque, Re: [UPDATE RELEASE] PSVita Style CTF Theme V1.2x for TN-V & PSP, Re: [RELEASE] Chocolate Doom (also supports Heretic, Hexen and Strife), Re: How to install and dual boot both LME 1.8 and PRO C 6.60, How to get your hands on a PS4 with 6.72 FW, How to purchase US PSN Cards when you don't live in the US. Members. ... (on latest atmosphere the folder is … Pokemon Sword & Shield v2 full theme 2020-09-23. chronoss, Sep 23, 2020. The Nintendo Switch is a neat bit of hardware, but what if it could do more?

Atmosphere 0.14.2 GitHub Release Page:, Atmosphere’s Roadmap: Related Communities. A full theme for Super Mario 3D All-Stars. 13. Download hekate 4.6 and inject the payload to your switch using Tegra rcm gui or a dongle to access the hekate menu. Yes, Ezoic actually doubles your adsense revenue… if you’re willing to make these tradeoffs, Review: CloudnetGo CR18 – 4K Ultra HD Octa-Core Android Set top box, The PS4 is rapidly becoming the living room device of choice, Running homebrew, custom sysmodules and themes, Installation on one’s microSD card via emuMMC, Daybreak, a bundled application that allows one to safely update their console without burning fuses. MARIO KART 8 DELUXE * RAINBOW ROAD PARALLAX *, Super Mario Odyssey : * CAPTURE * (BUNDLE). Originally released in October 2018, Atmosphere has come a long way since then and it packs in various features essential to end-users which include: Running homebrew, custom sysmodules and themes Moving over to recent developments, Atmosphere 0.14.2 has been released with a somewhat short change log that includes: You may get Atmosphere 0.14.2 by following the link below. Pokemon Sword & Shield v2 full theme September 23, 2020 at 8:33 PM. Working sigpatches for it are also available online and they are pretty easy to find. PSVita Release: Double Tap 2 Sleep Plugin Released by Joel16 – Comes with status bar & whole screen variants! PSVita News: Giroto updating Person 3 Minimalistic Theme with brand new lock screen & icons – Community receiving it well! All of the themes shown here were created and designed by JBGbeats who is also known as NSX in the Switch scene.If you would like to download any of the themes from this video, they are available on NSX's Discord server: the NXThemesInstaller.nro file here: giveaway has ended.Full credit for the themes shown on this video goes to NSX.Also thanks to exelix11 for the NXThemes Installer homebrew.Today's video was contributed by Skullator. Switch News: Atmosphere 0.14.2 released with the ability to load mesosphere & various bug fixes – Sigpatches already available and version 1.0.0 on the horizon! Created Dec 10, 2018. Emulation Release: Cemu 1.21.4 released to the public with Vulkan Fixes, Better Audio, How to Survive Rendering Correctly & More! Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests. (Tweet).

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