Copyright © 2020 KTRK-TV. All Rights Reserved. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. I have documented here at least three or four that I found; there may be more. The NTSB reported that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was irresponsible in its lack of oversight of National Airlines and their procedures for shipping military equipment. “Of course, there was a flash of light. SEE ALSO: TIMELINE: Moments before Boeing 767 crashed into Trinity Bay in Chambers Co. Most of that time was spent dealing with air cargo and much of it has involved, both directly and indirectly, major accident investigation. The DoD then works with the FAA to clear any safety discrepancies – including loading procedures – before the contracts are continued and, in some cases, signed. It may not be incorrect – in this case, it is what caused the accident – but a presumption of evidence is often as hard to disprove as an accused criminal’s presumption of guilt. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5edad07fedb2e26c It is my experience that if findings in an investigation are missed, people die. This is something the NTSB did not do. No special guidance, strapping diagrams or photos were provided to him. It should have because it places a good portion of the accident’s responsibility on a ramp that took two hours to fly from. 2020 presidential election: Biden pushes closer to victory | LIVE, Live 2020 election results in battleground states still up for grabs, Race between Trump, Biden tightens as Pa. ballot count continues, Fight for No. In Fort Bastion, a British-run military field, there was no United States’ (US) Department of Defense (DoD) oversight to verify their military load crews were following proper procedures in the securing of the vehicles to their individual pallets; I’m not talking about inside the B747, but on their shipping pallets built up hours before loading. The second thing: an air traffic controller observed the take-off, noting that the ‘airplane’s rotation appeared normal’, not aware that, at that moment, the situation would rapidly decay before his/her eyes. These loads require special handling or may require restriction in how many are allowed to be shipped on a civilian aircraft at one time. a multi-ton vehicle lets loose to bring about an out-of-balance configuration; the vehicle broke through the aft pressure bulkhead, destroying everything beyond and catastrophically upsetting the aircraft’s balance. the debris exiting the aircraft’s tail. Cockpit voice recorder transcript of the August 7, 1997 crash of a Fine Air DC-8 (Flight 101) at Miami, FL. The NTSB overlooked these facts. The problem with expert eyewitnesses is that they ‘ad lib’ their visual account; it’s like the fishing story where the Flounder keeps getting bigger and fights harder each time one tells the story until it becomes a Marlin. This can’t be happening, can it?! The aircraft rotated off Runway 3; it climbed several hundred feet before it seemed to hang on its engines in a stall; it then nosed over and impacted terrain to the immediate southeast of Runway 3-21. While the shifting freight may have caused the accident, it wasn’t the cause.

This is why sometimes we have to step back, close our eyes to the obvious, e.g.

In the process of moving the pallets with the vehicles secured by chains on fork lifts, excessive work-hardening of the pallet material where the chains were attached took place. The Chief Loadmaster was asked if there was a conscious decision by National Airlines to approve the loading of the 18-ton Cougars.

The US State Department doesn’t allow government employees to go to certain international locations, especially places considered in-conflict, or war zones; Afghanistan is such a war zone.

The National Transportation Safety Board released a transcript of the plane's cockpit voice recorder on Wednesday. Events or anomalies suddenly ‘precede or follow’ the accident, e.g. On April 29, 2013, National Airlines flight 102, aircraft N949CA, a Boeing B747-400, crashed on take-off out of Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan (NTSB number DCA13MA081; Accident Report AAR-15/01). The more time between event and interview, the more the story evolves in their memory. No new votes being cast, Harris Co. election admin says, Judges dismiss Trump claims in Georgia, Michigan, Counties with worst COVID-19 surges overwhelmingly voted Trump, Eta expected to reach Gulf of Mexico next week, Houston Rodeo eliminates Open Show for 2021, Houston woman pleads guilty in massive marriage fraud scheme, False claims of Wisconsin voter fraud rely on wrong turnout numbers, RELATED: Flight recording suggests crashed cargo jet crew lost control. Required fields are marked *.

What do Tuesday's election results mean for Texans in 2021? I’ve been involved in commercial aviation for 35 years. It carries cargo both commercially and for the military, Kaufman said. On April 29, 2013, National Airlines flight 102, aircraft N949CA, a Boeing B747-400, crashed on take-off out of Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan (NTSB number DCA13MA081; Accident Report AAR-15/01). This initial presumption corrupted the investigation; the probable cause was determined before the fire was even put out, based on what was seen.

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