Power scale: 5.5. Her equipment may not outwardly appear as advanced as others on this tier, but the scene in Black Panther where she uses a spear to stop a speeding car dead on the road argues otherwise. She was also extremely effective when fending off his monstrous army in Wakanda. Find out on Power Ranking! A few, however, stand head and shoulders above the rest. Thor is most powerful when he can channel his powers through an enchanted, loyal weapon forged on Nidavellir, like the hammer, Mjolnir, or the ax, Stormbreaker. In battle, he uses a size-manipulation suit designed by Hank Pym. He was nearly crushed by an enemy ship at the end of "Endgame" and survived only because of Tony's snap. He knew the Avengers had to lose first in order to win. In the years since Tony Stark told the world he was Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced a huge cast of superheroes with a wide array of abilities. Power scale: 8.

Feel free to add any supremely powerful beings we may have missed! It has also inspired a lively debate about the strength of each character's abilities and who would be considered the most formidable Avenger.

He may not have been a near-god (the invincibility bit really would have helped at the end there), but his intelligence alone more than qualifies him for this tier.

He's one of very few characters who can actually understand and build these designs, which means he'll only get more dangerous. Thor is so powerful that filmmakers are constantly looking for ways to handicap him. He is almost as powerful as the One Above All himself. More than just making him strong, the Super Soldier Serum that Cap took had the effect of enhancing who was at his core, and that is a truly perfect and good human being. Since Shuri was able to "reset" his mind, we've only seen him use a gun.

Power scale: 4. Share Share Tweet Email. Anthony Mackie Reflects On The First Time He Met ‘Friend’ And Fellow Marvel Star Chadwick Boseman, Marvel’s Eternals Leaked Image Shows The Team Assembled, Epic Marvel Fan Art Sees Deadpool Join The MCU Thanks To Doctor Strange, Why Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt Still Hasn't Watched The Series' Best Episode, Where You've Seen The Euphoria Cast Before, After Netflix’s Down To Earth, Zac Efron Will Star In A Survival Movie, ‘Come Play’ Interviews with Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., Jacob Chase, ‘The Craft: Legacy’ Interviews With Zoe Lister-Jones, Michelle Monaghan, Zoey Luna And More, 'The Witches' Cast Interviews with Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Octavia Spencer, 12 Fantastic Sterling K. Brown Performances In Movies And Television, CBS Cut The Amazing Race's Second Hour, And Fans Are Mad, Michael Bay Pens Tribute To Sean Connery After The James Bond Legend’s Death, What Is The Social Dilemma: 6 Things To Know About The Netflix Documentary Before You Watch, Enter For A Chance To Win CinemaBlend's Antebellum Giveaway, One Harry Potter Actor Likes Not Being Recognized Nearly A Decade After The Final Film, Disney's New Tony Stark Watch Is Here To Make Iron Man Fans Cry, Matthew McConaughey Finally Becomes Hulk In Marvel Fan Art, The Issue With Bringing X-Men Into The MCU, According To The ‘90s Cartoon Showrunner, Marvel Characters: What's Next For Every Major Superhero In The MCU, fans have been arguing over power rankings. He was also meant to be the smartest and certainly the most righteous Avenger. Under normal circumstances, Vision would probably rank as one of the god-like beings on this list, but that’s kind of hard to do right now given that he is presently dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon.

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