Drift-and-cast anglers are relying on weight-forward spinners and mayfly rigs, which are small spinner rigs tipped with pieces of nightcrawler. Even big perch can be considered small fish. The rig itself, is comprised of a five foot length of 12– to 15-pound Maxima fluorocarbon leader material, two size number 4 or number 6 Tru Turn 853Z3 blood red bait holder hooks, a lead bell sinker that varies in weight from ½-  to 1-ounce and a micro barrel swivel. It’s simple to tie, simple to present and it simply catches fish and lots of them. One prolonged cold snap and the yellows begin to congregate and the fishing action heats up. All rights reserved (About Us). Keep in mind that it is illegal to throw fish carcasses into the lake, so keep the rest of the junk fish carcass in your cooler to dispose of properly at home. “Perch are very forgiving. Record-size fish can and do come from anywhere.As proof, here's a look at the state record yellow perch for the eight states that touch one of the Great Lakes, as well as the records for several other states nearby for comparison.• Pennsylvania: 2 pounds, 14 ounces. “It seems you’ve got to spend some time to find that school of perch that’s going to keep me and whoever’s with me busy enough. The Bowling Green State University bass team of Cameron Wilt of Alvada, Ohio, and Jameson Simion of Saline, Mich., won the Abu Garcia College Fishing tournament presented by YETI on Friday, July 31 on Lake Erie based in Sandusky. CLEVELAND, OHIO — The summertime temperatures have soared in recent weeks, which usually prompt the dog days of fishing for Lake Erie anglers.

Catching yellow perch on Lake Erie — or on any of the Great Lakes, really — used to mean going out, finding a school, anchoring over it and having at them. The weight ranges can vary depending on how deep you fish, and how far you need to cast. Lake Erie Charter Fishing boats on the U.S. & Canadian waters of Lake Erie. They have more than enough backbone to set a hook and sensitive tips that can identify the feeding nibbles of even the pickiest perch 60 feet below my boat.

If perch aren’t Lake Erie’s favorite game fish and if Lake Erie isn’t home to the best perch fishing anywhere on the continent, I’ll give away all my rods, reels and fishing tackle. When you are finished targeting these fish click here to learn how to target walleye. Steelers fans think we’re too optimistic, too pessimistic. Those states right now are Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas.

“You can chase the fish now instead of waiting for that school to come to where your anchor is,” Orom said. Lake Erie perch fishing is an all year affair, but the best bites and hottest action generally takes place from mid-September and right around the calendar until late May. The 200-angler field with be chasing a total of $1.3 million. Well, the answer is simple. Same rig, same bait and same results. (fish cleaning included), Includes onboard lunch, snacks, and drinks, also includes fish cleaning, Limit catches of lake erie perch are common, Western basin lake erie perch fishing Port Clinton. Lake Erie perch, walleye keep Lake Erie crowded: Cleveland-area Fishing Report for the weekend of Friday, Aug. 7, 2020 In the deep-water Great Lakes there has been an observed decrease in the fish populations in offshore waters, according to the study. Jumbo yellow perch Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes certainly have the potential to give up giant yellow perch. First simply tie the appropriate desired size lead weight to the bottom of the leader. They are very good eating, and school in the hundreds. However, most generally the fish in the lake are suspended. First there’s the matter of presenting minnows properly to hungry perch. And they’re mad at John Harbaugh. As soon as the sinker hit bottom, one crank of the rod handle and I could feel a pair of struggling perch fighting against the pull to the surface. Caught from Lake Erie in 1982.• Ohio: 2.86 pounds. White perch can be used to catch yellow perch. BGSU bass anglers score big in Abu Garcia College Tournament on Lake Erie. The most common, but possibly least popular, solution to the problem is to buy golden shiners, or “goldies” as they are commonly called. This will generally be a giant school of perch. On Aug. 11-14, the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit will take its turn in Sandusky for its sixth and final regular-season event, hosted by the Lake Erie Shores & Islands Welcome Center.

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