Have some tricky riddles of your own?

. xڵYM��F�ϯ�s�x�?��MRN���c�|�E�a!a�Xb�7�>-$ �4,ಥ]����~�-��G� Casino Online Play casino games for free or real money at reputable online casinos reviewed on gamblerock.com. I can be grown and I can be bought. He then switches off the lights and places a hat on top of their heads. I can be long or I can be short. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Reading between the lines 5. [ /ICCBased 9 0 R ]

If there is a bee in my hand what is in my eye?

He shows them 5 caps, two of which are red and 3 of them are white. endstream This house holds rooms, one score and six, that shelter a vast mob. endobj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 8 0 R >> Split level 10. Description: Look at the above picture. Leave them below for our users to try and solve. Share Tweet. endstream << /Length 13 0 R /Length1 28408 /Filter /FlateDecode >> However, if any of you answer wrong, all 3 of you will instantly die. "|�8 m��l-��6[K���?���T���q"�N\c~[����v–Z�d–(&� Wx?�&ȦXP8fg�������l�d���#��! In a riddle whose only answer is chess, what is the only word that is prohibited? You use it from your head to your toes, the more it works the thinner it grows. %PDF-1.3 Time is 3 minutes.". The riddle is for you to explain how? If the wind is blowing 10mph East, where would the apple fall? Mind over matter 18. endobj

You should see what apears to be a bunch of blinking dots. P3 can only be certain of his cap if 1 & 2 are both white.

endobj A window washer fell off a 100-foot ladder but didn’t get hurt. Therefore the other father is both a son and a father to the grandson. 1 knows this but as 2 remains uncertain then 1 must be wearing a red cap. Sand Box 2. You can check solution in … But if you look closely, you'll notice that if you focus on one dot it won't blink. What is it?

Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder. Six feet underground 17. The situation is such that no one can see their hat color, 1 is facing the wall and cant say anything, 2 can see 1 and 3 can see both 1 and 2. When is 1600 plus 25 and 1700 minus 35 the same thing? There is an apple tree on a cliff. << /Type /Pages /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] /Count 1 /Kids [ 1 0 R ] >> If the wind is blowing 10mph East, where would the apple fall? 2 knows this but the only combination that he will be able to know the colour of his own cap is if he sees that 1 is wearing a white cap.

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