We have developed a method of removing the air from a system without the use of a vacuum pump.

The most common non-condensable gases found in automotive systems are air, nitrogen, argon, and maybe carbon dioxide. With a vacuum pump connected to both, low and high air conditioning system sides pull a deep vacuum for at least 5-45 minutes.

Why does your car shake when the AC is on? The air is now purged from the system. 3 - Wait about 3 minutes for the pressures on the high and low side to equalize. This training course "Refrigerator-repair technician’s course for compression refrigerators" is still listed in WHO's Vaccines and Biologicals Department 'Catalogue 2003'. Before you attach it, you need to make sure where the high and the low services ports lie. So you have just completed a repair or installation on a Refrigeration system. Once your vacuum is on, you will need to open the gauge valves, located on the side of each gauge. Minimizing Solar Heat Gain in the Tropics, Sun Frost Syringe Mate (Syringe Sterilizer/Melter), Vietnam Test of Li and NiMH Batteries Powering a Sun Frost RFVB-134a Vaccine Storage Refrigerator, Measuring the R-Value of Insulating Fabrics, A Simple Method of Vaccine Freeze Protection, Building Science ‐ Something to Sleep On, Carbon Footprints ‐ Combustion Versus Electric, Removing Air From Refrigerator Cooling System Without Vacuum Pump, Sleeping Cool with a “Sleep Genie” Task Air Conditioner, Sun Frost R Pb-X Solar Powered Battery Free Vaccine Refrigerator, Back up for Solar Hot Water System An Over Looked Area.

Once the identification of the ports is done, you need to hook up the manifold gauge. All information is provided "AS IS."

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Recover Refrigerant & Pull a vacuum on your car AC - YouTube

How to Evacuate an AC system, Full Vacuum Procedure - YouTube

WHO issued training materials a few years ago describing how to evacuate a refrigeration system without having access to a vacuum pump. You may freely link

I would like to learn more about the UNICEF iSC Maturity Model, mentioned on page 10: "To accomplish this fractional planning and budgeting... Dear all, 

Remove the accumulator/receiver-dryer.

You will need to be logged in to be able to post a reply. Read on, and get your facts straight about the DIY process that follows. The method requires the installation of an access valve on the high and low side of the system.

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