Second Row

Step 10:

For a more impressive rainbow, add double rows of each color (30 beads each color) with triple rows for the ends (45 beads). To make a larger or smaller cuff, change the count by an even increment.

Step 14:

Your cuff should now resemble a tiara or crown.

Thread the three beads, and pull your string through the next black bead.

Step 13:

Flag also resembles the look of Captain America or Wonder Woman colors, This is a perfect bead bracelet to wear showing some patriotism just in time for independence day, 4th of July and looks Fly. The cuff should start to pull into the right shape now, making the process easier.

Push up the closest red bead to the tied cord and string the cord through.

*Any 7 different colors can be used. Advertisement.

Would you like to share photos of your beaded creations with us? If you need to make it bigger, increase with increments of 4. You can always tie on more later.

To make the second row, you'll be stringing 3 beads at a time, using the black beads as the "connector" beads - the beads you pull the string through.

Tie the two ends together, making 2-3 knots. I usually knot the two ends together the next time I go around for added reinforcement. It's a great summer craft for teens and young adults, but it might be too much for younger kids. Although this project was made with large plastic pony beads, the same peyote stitch technique could be used with any type of similarly sized beads. You can do the entire bracelet with one long piece but it could be more frustrating for beginners. This cuff will be 32 beads around, which will fit someone with a small-medium wrist. Count and sort out your beads to make sure you have enough of each color. The orange bead will push down the neighboring red bead, which creates a zig zag pattern. Your bracelet should be complete.

Stretch it out to test the knots.
Once made, you can wear one bracelet or several stacked together.

We have now removed it.

To make the second row, you'll be stringing 3 beads at a time, using the black beads as the "connector" beads - the beads you pull the string through. Turn on desktop mode.

Cut a long piece of string - as long as you are comfortable working with.

Turn the bracelet around so the string is closest to you (this just makes it easier to work with)

But this time, we'll be stringing through the "middle bead" of each 3-bead segment.

This tutorial will teach you how to make a basic kandi cuff that can be turned into a 3D cuff if desired. For the first segment, we'll first be stringing two blue beads, and one green bead.

When you get to the end of the row, pull through the next black bead as usual.

This cuff will be 32 beads around, which will fit someone with a small-medium wrist. You'll know when you're at the end of the row because you'll have eight segments of three beads each, with black connector beads in between.
Stretch it out to test the knots.

Supplies needed: (lots of) string, scissors, five different colors of pony beads, and 8 shaped beads (if possible). All Done!

Tie it in a square knot (right over left, then left over right) to make a single bracelet of beads and then tie it again.

String the cord through the final two rows of violet beads and tie off firmly. Pull tightly.

Turn on desktop mode. Always be sure to double-knot your bracelets at the end, as this ensures the security of the bracelet.

Warning: Desktop mode is intended for mobile devices only and will not display correctly on desktop or laptop computers,

How to make kandi cuffs!

This type of cuff is also called an X cuff because of the Xs that form.

Have something to add? Kandi bracelets create colorful accessories.
Please do not post this tutorial on other websites, but you may link to it.

In the clear rainbow bracelet below, I used blue green. Strand them as single bead bracelets or stitch them into a cuff using the odd-count flat-bead peyote stitch.

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