At the very bottom of Goron City, you'll notice a bunch of unlit torches around. You will have to quickly press the right button, depending on where the butterfly appears over the frogs head. This means you have to get it and get out before the time runs out or you will die. All original content copyright Link's Hideaway 2008-2020. The dog is white and located in the market area, so get close to a dog for him to follow you. Enter the area, and there will be a whole lot of boxes. This is highly recommended before playing this game. At the south end of Hyrule Field (the entrance of Lake Hylia) is a fenced-in area.

And a heart piece.

And some analysis I've done of other OoT-related questions: Analysis of Lake Hylia Bomb Drops Ocarina of Time Actor Version Differences Touch it to make it follow you. Kill yourself with bombs so that you can select Continue from the Game Over screen. Zora's Fountain 25) Go to where Lord Jabu Jabu was in the past.

Why? Play the Song of Storms and the frogs will give you a piece of heart. 3rd Method with Adult Link (Easy): Acquire the Hookshot and aim it towards the wooden ledge. 23) (At the same spot as the last heart piece) play all of the non-teleporting songs to make the frogs grow larger.

If you score a certain number of points, you'll win the Piece of Heart. Special Items Required: Magic Bean Leaf ingrained as a Child. As an adult, simply aim the Longshot at the crate.

This lets you surpass the maximum of 20 hearts for each extra 4 pieces you dig up, and the display for each additional heart after 20 is added when unlocked. Go all the way to the point on the window seal nearest the chest.

You will get a message saying that frogs are watching you. Now use your hookshot to get on top of the house to the left.

Now run all the way to the waterfall and jump into the water.

If you keep getting him to dig a hole, he will eventually dig up a piece of heart for you.

Once all five frogs are grown, and you also played the Song of Storms to get the other heart piece, you can play a game of Simon says. The heart pieces are numbered by the order in which they were discovered to be distinct heart pieces.

Light both of these torches and a big chest will appear. All rights reserved. Use the Lens of Truth to get the small key for each door.

The best place to fish would be the stump at the far end of the lake. You'll land on top of Impa's house.

Enter Dampe's grave and he'll challenge you to a race as always. Death Mountain 3) Climb all the way to the top of Death Mountain. Special Items Required: None, but Goron tunic can be beneficial. Gerudo's Fortress34) Go into the sight of one of the guards. Simply pick it up after that. © 1999-2020 Neo Era Media Inc. All rights reserved. Play the Sun's Song to freeze it and then kill it with your sword.

Enter it, and you'll find a Business Scrub. Come back as an adult and ride the plant to one of the stacks in the center. He will give you a piece of heart. get on top of the fence near the windmill door, shoot at the roof, once on the roof collect the heart from the man , then face towards the windmill, find the black square opening and hook onto the wooden post with the longshot and you should end up in the hallway, then walk up grab the chicken, jump out and land on the shooting gallery roof, then jump and fly onto the ledge and get the heart container near the cow. Open it to get the Piece of Heart. Zora's Domain 8) Go to where King Zora is sitting. After visiting Darunia, set all of the torches on the bottom on fire. You'll find that Piece in its respective location. Weird. It's a prize in the Bombchu Bowling minigame. She will give you a piece of heart for returning her dog to her. Upon entering the pathway, you will find the grave keeper from the past. Try to hit the jars as a priority, as you can hit them in somewhat of a pattern. Continue down the path and you will find a giant blue block blocking the way. You will find a piece of heart. When you speak with her, she'll offer you to play the Bombchu game to win a prize which she'll display before you start, in which you may have to wait till she offers the Piece of Heart, but only displays the prize after you pay. Try to pull the rod to where the fish is swimming to make things easier, as fighting the fish may cause you to lose it. 28) Once you have both the Iron Boots and Zora's Tunic, use both of them to make your way to the bottom of the center of the lake. •Upgrades Plant a Magic Bean in the soil. 33) (At night time) go to the Treasure Chest shop and pay 10 rupees to play. On the left side of the room on a platform is a heart piece that is inside a block. A hidden room lies behind the waterfall. Stand on the log at its tip for them to come out. That chest contains a Piece of Heart. Win this three times to get a Piece of Heart. In a crate on the other side of the river. •Side Quests Jump down the hole and you will find a ReDead. At the Archery Range, score 1000 points to win a Piece of Heart.

The Heart Piece locations in the Master Quest have been left mostly intact from the original game, with the exception of one in the Ice Cavern. The Piece of Heart is inside a small nook on the south wall (near the entrance of crater). You can use this to bottle up the energy to your convienience, as a Piece of Heart is sealed inside a block of red ice.

Roll into the crate; the Piece of Heart is inside of it.

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