As Freya tries to start her spell Hayley hears some random cars coming.

Hayley goes into the next room and looks at Klaus' paintings, expressing distaste for all but one, which she describes as twisted. Klaus immediately snaps forward and begins to choke her against the door. Hayley is a beautiful female werewolf with light olive skin, hazel green eyes, and dark brown hair. Hayley gets off the phone from Mary who is at her apartment wanting to talk to her. However she tells him if she sees him wearing one of those rings again, she will kill him. She tells him about Hope and that they can reschedule their date. Hayley gives up on trying to talk to Hope and leaves. That she would grow up safe, and loved. He tells her he can't undo the evil things he has done and also all of the pain and suffering he has caused in the past. Unfortunately, when she tries to take her daughter away from Klaus, which fails miserably when Klaus teams up with Dahlia, Klaus took his daughter back, and had Dahlia place her under the Crescent Curse as punishment for trying to take Hope away from him. She tells her that Lara got caught up in the cult and killed herself because she couldn't get out of it. She also seeked answers to who her family was and discovered that they had been cursed to only stay in their werewolf forms; she then vowed to break it which she was finally able to with the help of Alice Thorne. In From a Cradle to a Grave, we see a flashback of who seats between A Closer Walk With Thee and The Battle of New Orleans. She then sees Elijah feeding on someone. As the two got into a car and started driving back to the city, they got into a huge car crash which completely destroyed their vehicle. When they get to St. Anne's Church Cami is discouraged reminding Hayley that newly turned vampires are quite weak. There she meets Keelin. However, she has shown more interest in Thomas and Jackson. Falling in love with your patient is never a good idea. She tells him she met Elijah when she was going through some tough times. After Jackson's death, Hayley briefly returned to the compound but has since left New Orleans with her daughter and the Mikaelsons in coffins in a sleeping spell. She and Elijah then converse across the compound and the Kenner apartment. Elijah tries to convince Jackson and Oliver that their alliance with Klaus is a great mistake. He tells her they lost Jerick, and that what Aiden did by keeping them scattered was a smart plan. Hope's life is on the line, and Klaus has never been more desperate. Work Search: Elijah finally realizes he hurt her and lets her go. There are bodies of prisoners that Elijah and Kol killed. She tells Mary everything she does is for Hope.

She asks him if he was the one who killed her parents. Hayley then gets an idea that since Dahlia could only sense her when she's using magic, but the idea is very dangerous. However, Marcel has already caught up with them. The Rager (TVD)Always and Forever (TO) She tells him they need to talk and the other wolves come in explaining that Finn is building an army of werewolves, and the wolves they're looking at are just kids and they ask Marcel to get them away as soon as possible.

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