Those who are courageous enough to ask questions must continue the good fight for the greater good. There’s some sinister motive in Kauai’s public safety depts and the root of that evil needs to be exposed. Thank all of you and thank you for services.

Your email address will not be published. This is a reoccurring theme like the Kauai Serial killer (who hasn’t been caught), and many unsolved murders. He had his calling, he was done with life on earth and decided to take the closest person with him, his wife…the mother of his sweet precious children. 420 Waiakamilo Road, Suite 205Honolulu, HI 96817Main (808) 847-3246News (808) 847-1112. The 57-year-old worked as a secretary for the Hawaii State Teachers Association in Kapaa. the husband took the blunt force weapon into the ocean; we are not told if there is proof, DNA or otherwise, that the the husband used blunt force or committed the strangulation, at least from the paucity of information in the article; leaving the reader with a sense of “rush to judgement” by the police, and a speedy case closed on such a serious allegation, unless of course the investigation or reporting, like said already, was inadequate. I can name you many cases and all you have to do is search the unsolved murders on Kauai through the county gov website. I have a kokee bridge for sale, if you believe ONE word of this article!

3137 Kuhio Hwy., Lihue, HI 96766 Telephone: (808) 245-3681, Woman who spit on security officer gets jail time, Pali Highway traffic to be affected following landslide, Honolulu chef Alan Wong closes King Street restaurant, Oahu bars closed by virus frustrated by license requirement, Four Italian regions, including Milan, put under lockdown, Denmark wants to cull 15 million minks over COVID fears, Public health may be US election loser as coronavirus surges. HAWAII ISLAND - Big Island police are reopening a cold case of an unsolved murder from 1997.Following up on 27-year-old Sean Burgado found dead in his home on Mala'ai RD in Waiakea Uka. The Sandy Galas murder that turned into an assault case puts salt in the wounds of every person who knows the truth. Never heard of the couple. What. ISBN 1-57306-156-5. An ensuing “multi-agency, land and sea search” for her husband, who she was believed to be with at the time of her death, concluded later that day when Blackstad’s body turned up on a nearby shoreline around 2 p.m., police said Friday. "Detectives Hope DNA Can Link Man To Oahu's Serial Killings". The killer may have impersonated a police officer. The police knew from the second they found them that he killed her, didn’t want to say TRUTH! Anyone with information is asked to call KPD CrimeStoppers at 808-246-8300. A LOVE so strong, she loved him till her last breathe. To report comments that you believe do not follow our guidelines, These comments make me crack up! Sorry for these young people, their parentless keiki and the evil forces alive and well on every moku, especially Kauai! Read the Korn case and all the unattended deaths, murders made to look like suicide, and so on. A wife that stood by her husbands side over the course of years, tackling life’s ups and downs together. Hello.. they was on drugs! The Aurero Moore murder by Hilario is one of the biggest corruption cases that has gone unnoticed and untouched. Everyone who has commented ask or state valid opinions. By participating in online discussions you I imagine him swimming out to sea after the assault happened(on land)and held onto her for as long as he could, then drowned. Sadly that’s most likely the case and outcome from this tragedy. Friends and family are hoping that a new episode of Investigation Discovery’s ‘Breaking Homicide’ featuring the case will re-ignite leads on what might have happened. Did the male have any bruises or abrasions that would lead to a question of self defense against an assault to protect him and his wife?

by Anna Kopsky. Any ideas? Her body floated in, him attacked post mortem by a shark. Today's Paper


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