However, if you have a super sensitive cat, I would recommend checking out paper pellets. You still need to scoop fecal matter daily to control smell, Some cats have a hard time transitioning to pellet litter. While there is an endless variety of cat litters on the market today, your declawed cat will benefit from certain materials and litter formulas. In my experience, many cats will still bury their poop in wood pellets and it does a decent job of covering up the smell. The following litter types are best for declawed cats: Paper pellets – great for cats who are still recovering from surgery. Some cats will switch over to the pellets without issue. I was going to buy the soft wood pellets at Canadian Tire (hardware store), but the two closest stores don't have that. Pellet cat litter, while not as common as other litter types, can offer several benefits for fancy felines and their parents.

This underestimated litter does have a different texture and weight, but some cat parents find that their kitty simply prefers it. This is especially great for cats or kitties with sensitive paws. You can’t beat the price of equine bedding pellets. My opinion… if you are interested, try it out! This litter is a fantastic pick for kitties with long locks because the pellets won’t get matted in their fur. moving on! Pine and Cedar litter have natural odor control, Some Cats are Picky and Won’t Use the Pellet Litter, Some Cats may have Sensitivities to the Wood. Jump to this part of the article! The dust and the pellets alike will fall through the holes and leave you feeling frustrated.

It’s not good on the pipes.

DITCH THEM! You can use a normal litter scoop from the store. The formula is clumping for easy scooping and maintenance, and it’s manufactured to offer superior odor control. The fine wood granules are gentle on even the most sensitive paws. Best Budget-Friendly Cat Litter for Declawed Cats: The soft paper pellets which comprise this budget-friendly litter will be safe and comfortable for your cat’s paws. This…, {"popup_ID":11603,"when_popup_appear":"exit","delay":"","x_second":"","x_scroll":"","disappear":"","exptime":"","hideclsbtn":"","clsonesc":"1"}. With this litter, you’re making a good choice for your wallet, your declawed cat, and the environment! Some sifting boxes are specifically designed for clumping clay litter and the holes are too big for pellets. As I mentioned previously in this article, the shelter I work at uses wood pellets as cat litter and purchases them in bulk from the feed store. Before unveiling which is the best sifting litter box for pine pellets, clumping litter granules, silica gel crystals, or any other litter you’re using, let’s take a ride into the deep-rooted wheel of history of cat litter pans first.. Litter boxes debuted in the 1940s. That being said, while working at the shelter and seeing literally thousands of cats pass through, MOST of them will use the wood pellets. If it dries before you scoop, you have to sift out the dry sawdust (in the case of the wood pellets) which is kind of hard to remove without also taking out good pellets. When I use this litter at home, I use a very small amount (just enough to cover the bottom of the box) and then toss all the litter daily. I guess that's my answer. Get dog deals, pet recall notices & goodie giveaways. Are the hardwood pellet being sold as cat litter? Pretty good! Jump to the switching from litter to pellets section for help on having a successful transition to wood pellets. But since it’s cheaper than cat litter, you still end up ahead cost wise. It’s crucial to have a high-quality litter on hand to help them recover from the surgery. This can be more easily managed with a litter mat and a litter box with a top. The clumps also turn blue allowing you to see when it’s time to scoop the box! However, if your cat has sensitivities to clay, you are looking for a more inexpensive type of litter, or you’re looking for a litter that is more environmentally conscious than wood pellet litter might be the way to go for you. Or… if you love a good ol’ DIY project, considering making your own sifting litter box. Here are the places where you can currently buy this type of litter online. Here are benefits of taking the time to purchase a special litter for your declawed cat: As you probably know, cat litters are available in a multitude of different materials.

Then start the ratio process and slowly add pellets to the “regular” litter box. 2. The rough pieces can be painful for declawed paws, and certain ingredients may be detrimental to a cat’s healing process. I was going to buy the soft wood pellets at Canadian Tire (hardware store), but the two closest stores don't have that.

After a cat is declawed, they may experience pain, stress and trauma. I’m wondering if there is a use for the sawdust left behind. I know what you are thinking. If you have lots of cats or kittens, you may need to dump all the pellets more often. However, some picky cats may refuse to use wood pellets. When the pellets are being compressed, heat is generated. A good option is purchasing the Breeze Litter Box System.

In this case, you may struggle a bit more with the smell.

I know what you are thinking.

If your cat struggles with a lot of allergies or skin issues or is all around super sensitive, paper litter pellets may be the better option. Is it safe to use horse bedding pellets for my cat? They are made by taking wood leftovers (sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, small logs, pieces of wood leftover from furniture or other manufacturing), grinding and milling all the materials into tiny pieces (the size of rice grains), and compressing them in a fancy machine to make the pellets. If not, I don’t blame you. I mean… that’s the way of the cat! They do have hard wood pellets though. It says it can be used as pet litter. A cat uses their litter box several times a day, so keeping the routine positive will help your kitty maintain a healthy lifestyle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Well, that’s a little trickier. They seemed to work well, but were more expensive than the wood pellets. Yes! The formula is clumping for easy scooping and maintenance. This formula is softer than other Yesterday’s News options. How Often do you Need to Change Wood Pellet Litter? Check it Out, $0.15 per Pound ($5.99  for 40lbs of litter). Actually, wood litter does a surprisingly good job when it comes to neutralizing the smell of urine. Eventually, you will get there! Wheat starch helps clumps form quickly without wasting excess litter. Never heard of them being used for that application though - usually for burners. Yes, you sure can! Corn – super soft, but recommended for fully healed cats. Multi-cat strength simply gives better odor and clumping benefits. Clay litters generally aren’t good for declawed cats. It is dust-free, biodegradable and would be excellent for mechanical litter boxes. Pet tested recommendations, reviews and recalls to your inbox. Well, you can really only buy this specific litter from Tractor Supply. Watch the video below for full instructions.

The cost benefits and environmental benefits are pretty substantial. Make sure you are cleaning the box regularly. Wood – you can purchase wood granule litter as well as wood pellet litter. It was $5.98 for 12lbs of cat litter. We like that this litter is soft and safe for your declawed cat, and is equally safe for the environment.

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