But I'm about to lose my self-control (control) I told them bet the farm And I just need to roll one up and now get high (High) Jelly Roll lyrics - 119 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Save Me", "Dance With Ghosts", "Better Off Alone". I guess I'm narcisistic cause I'm trying to get it When I take a shot of crown See I'm in another zone Just leave us the fuck alone Just pack me another cone I'm higher than a fuckin drone ??? I dont wanna hurt nobody 'Cause I believe that even all the gangsters go to heaven Find the peace in losing to move on Mama said "I need God" Struggle Jennings, Living my life in the rear view [Post-Chorus] And I know that it's killin' me, (I know that it's killin' me) yeah Artist: Jelly Roll feat. So the songs of tomorrow borrow sorrows from today, Your email address will not be published. I guess I'm narcissistic 'cause I'm tryin' to get it 'cause I've been living unhealthy And I've been to the end of times the way I'm ridin' (Ridin') Don't believe a word of it We gon' kicked out of every bar, ah, yeah And I've been callin' shots so you can say I'm psychic (For real) And I don't wanna let you go And I know ’cause the glitter doesn’t mean it’s gold Struggle Jennings Lyrics, Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963, Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop ‘Mr.

Mama said "I got a problem" And I don't wanna hurt nobody (Missing Lyrics), They Don’t Love Me I need to change my ways See it was harder comin' home than goin' in I dont wanna hurt nobody Can't believe this fat boy got that game but man I pull them all Somewhere down the road, I lost my soul I don't wanna hurt nobody I believe in good sex so let's ride

But they knew that I won't stop Your email address will not be published. [Verse 1] And I just keep on sippin' lean (I know that it's killin' me) And I just keep on smokin' weed (I just keep on smokin' weed)

And I’m haunted by PNF & Gunna), Perry Como – I Can’t Begin To Tell You Lyrics, Lil’ Duke – Hard Work Lyrics (feat. And the sound (sound), of silence (silence), it seems so loud (so loud) Yes I believe that all the savage bitches go to heaven

To justify my habbits {long}??? I ain't fuckin around, I've been up and then down I say Lord please help me And the sound, of silence, it seems so loud And I don't wanna hurt nobody I just wanna let the truth be told And I still think about the nights that we use to hustle (We use to hustle) And the life that I've been living, Lord

But I'm about to lose my self-control

From the chaos of the win Mama said "I got a problem" Can I really be forgiven for? That demon in the mirror is still the saint that he portrays ’cause I’ve been living unhealthy

Jelly Roll feat. (Missing Lyrics), In It For Yourself

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