Also, Jerrick Todd, on the morning after Jessica’s murder replied to a “salute” from LaTambrise Poonie Mosley with “#100”. I believe. The Almighty Vice Lord nation as an overall organization is divided into these rival families across the west side that kill each other and fight for to maintain and to conquer territory for the sole purpose of drug profits. What leads exist. In other words, a love triangle. Even though the busts in 1994 hurt operations of UTVLs they still continued operations along the Cicero Ave corridor keeping Austin as their primary and possible only neighborhood, I am not sure if UTVLs operated anywhere else accept a section in the K-Town part of North Lawndale along 16th Street from Kedvale to Komensky. His peers? Gang violence … WHY Did you read that embedded pdf analysis of gang activity in Mississippi ? Younger Vice Lords were coming around that night talking about smashing rival gangs that were already beaten to a pulp; some of those gangs were already asking for mercy to not take anymore punishment but there was nothing else to do in the neighborhood but be big and bad. YMCA acted as an auditor for all monies CVL would receive to make sure the gang used the money in the places they promised to use it but CVL leaders needed to make it clear that the YMCA was not to get the money directly and then give it to CVL.

While Pep was locked up the Imperial Chaplains tried to reassemble and began growing again, this angered Pep and the Lords, so they stormed a dance being held at the YMCA. On July 3, 2005, members of Gangster Disciples street gang killed Sergeant Juwan Johnson of the U.S. Army in the small town of Hohenecken near Ramstein, Germany. Guilty ab something! the timing was very suspect being just prior to the murder. There was also a major war erupting over the North Ave drug trade with the Four Corner Hustlers making Willie a marked man. Beggars can’t be choosey. Insane Vice Lords established a presence all over the state of Indiana and several other states like Wisconsin, Kentucky, Nebraska and Iowa along with possible other states. Daggans said he doesn't want to take away from the SCR, but wanted to set the record straight. That little white box should have included this: “The events at the center of this lawsuit seem to be the result of a seething personal conflict and an internecine power struggle between the Panola County sheriff’s department and the Como police department.

Now he wants to share his story and insights with his community in hopes of keeping other young men like him off drugs and out of the gang culture. In the beginning, to become a Vice Lord you needed proper representation but by 1959, all you needed to do was be able to breathe and move. How long after the fire has been a question. The gang investigators are a group of cops from all over the state that gather and share information in order to draw a bigger picture of gang activity around the state. Someone has to make the decision to remove the car. In the early years the Vice Lords were already all about war strategy. Vice Lords were known for crashing rival gang parties and beating everyone up in sight while kicking out their windows, this was all strategies to terrorize and intimidate other gangs in the area and caused them all to shrink in size (Source: A Nation of Lords: The Autobiography of the Vice Lords, Second Edition). Peppilow became very well-known and the Vice Lords dismantled some other smaller gangs and now their numbers had reached a few hundred. The Vice Lords went anywhere they wanted and didn’t feel the need to claim certain territories like the other gangs did. KeithS – that is the first theory of the cause for the murder of Jessica that makes any sense to me. Tutor sounds like she grew up lovin’ da ‘hood. It doesn’t work well.

The Mississippians I know have the most charming of Southern accents. “And while there may be no turf war between law enforcement, it’s the opposite for the gangs in Panola County. “We’re going to do it and we’re going to get this thing stopped and were going to get these shootings to stop.”. I think her talking about her and Jessica having their ups and downs might indicate a revenge killing in a heated rage. I don’t know the whole story but eventually members of the Dirty Sheiks and the Wailing Shebas created the Imperial Chaplains and 14th Street Clovers along Halsted Street by the late 1940s or early 1950s. The reward they offered for “information” in this case was initially $11,000, which is but $1K more than Ali was so nonchalantly flashing, as if it was all in a day’s work. “When the police get out there and start doing their job, this happens,” he said. I guess if you flood an area with enough crime nobody has time to pay attention to anything besides murder so they get away with it. Most of their members had flipped before 1961 and became regular Vice Lords but this last group still had pride of their nation and wanted to only become Vice Lords under the condition, they keep part of their name and have their own leadership. How would we look for the culprit. Four Corner Hustlers were able to land on this same turf and flip other Black P stones as well. Cal and the Vice Lords would draw maps and take notes on entire territories of all the other gangs. Their first target was the “Barons,” a twenty-four man gang that Pep picked a fight (known back then as a ‘humbug’) at Farragut High School. If “something” did happen I believe it would be extremely isolated and not the large-scale “lynching” that took place back in the day.

They get in the van, to follow her, not hard to do and see where she turns, even from a distance on those country roads, and the turns are infrequent. This extortion operation was shut down at least for a while after the arrests were made. Apparently he posted his 100k bail. Traveling Vice Lords also settled in the Altgeld Gardens and Insane Vice Lords settled in the Greater Grand Crossing/Pocket town area as well. Vice Lords are also tight with Insane Unknowns especially the Unknown Vice Lords. Can’t deny the gangs this time, but refuses to talk about them. Yes, being in a gang can help these men learn job training skills. David Clay Senior, who was 38 years old when the family moved on Willard Court and he became a landlord that owned the 933 N. Willard building. Many Chaplains had flipped to Vice Lord in 1960 behind bars leaving only a small group that stayed Chaplain. Informants are telling MAGI investigators that there have been guards who gave keys to inmates which allowed them to get to other inmates they wanted to attack. The Vice Lords only had one set location for meetings back in 1959 and that was 2135 S. Millard (Millard and Ogden Ave) in North Lawndale (Source: A Nation of Lords: The Autobiography of the Vice Lords, Second Edition).

re: George Mister – is he AKA “Boone” ?

This is what I think too. The seven boys didn’t have a name in the very beginning, but Pep decided he wanted to have a name especially since the boys were already running the important jobs there. Now at age 29 he would become the new leader. In the year 1983, King Neal passed away but the TVLs only grew stronger in the 1980s as they settled on the south side of Chicago in the Altgeld Gardens projects in the Riverdale neighborhood and in the Roseland neighborhood (Wild Hundreds). The Conservative Vice Lords began to come to a full realization that burning down neighborhoods and fighting the white man was not the way to go anymore. Despite the investigations the police sweeps continued into 1958 and several black youths were arrested, and many were sent to juvenile facilities. One being rehabilitation programs from the penal institutions as tax dollars pay for inmates to receive these programs. As I stated a few days ago…I still think that Mister is a leader in Courtland. If we think forced gang recruitment is harsh in modern times it was worse back in the 50s and 60s as gangs took ownership of every piece of public property on the west side. Except that George says the cops took swabs. Mr. Alexander “Aye” Sanford. It’s been building for about three years, and we’ve talked about it, we’ve tried to share it," Anthony said. Because of the old alliance the Counts have with the Latin Brothers the Vice Lords are real cool with Latin Brothers too. If you want the proper technical term it is called an “indefinite singular antecedent pronoun.”, For instance, take the following example : “If anyone calls, tell them that I am out.”. There was a time in history where our country had faith in the Vice Lords and even offered assistance; as a result, something positive and marvelous developed from it that helped west side youths live better lives. Leading off the new year of 1967, Chicago area was socked with horrible snow storms and blinding blizzards that left much of the city buried. You know this story is being monitored and controlled by Eric Holder.

As far as Mista Boone, they should already have his DNA in CODIS from his past kidnapping-assault-robbery arrests and prior crimes you would think.

Think about this, if a smaller employer or even mid-sized employer looks at an application and sees the location where the applicant is from, they may pass judgement secretly.

The second generation made some noise outside of Louis Armstrong Elementary School (5345 W Congress Pkwy) when they extorted students for lunch money, bus money and welfare stamps outside the school in exchange for not being beaten up. The police showed up quickly and a gun battle started between Good, Spicer and the police. "We have to show quality of transformation. Young women would hesitate going there if they thought their secret would be divulged to everyone. They had the opportunity to show what we stand for.". Could well be he never got convicted cause it never went to trial. The Police pulled the car immediately from the scene, (how much Time for processing under car headlamps) While locked away in this short prison stint of about 2 ½ years Lloyd began using heroin and got addicted to the drug. Flournoy and California was TVL’s biggest operation as by the 1990s they were pushing $5,000 to $30,000 a day in drug sales. There was not much representation for the black community in these years but there was plenty of representation for the white southerners in favor of these harsh treatments including the Ku Klux Klan that often roamed through shantytowns that blacks lived in and enforced these Jim Crown laws harshly. For other gangs, as long as you stayed out of their territories you weren’t forced to be recruited but for the Vice Lords your only requirement to be aggressively recruited was for you to exist and breathe. Vice Lords worked as mediators to stop violence and put an end to gang wars, Vice Lords even stopped fighting with Egyptian Cobras which allowed Vice Lords to move into the K-Town section of the North Lawndale neighborhood west of Pulaski Road and this allowed them mobility to move into the West Garfield Park community. Edwin Perry had such power that he was able to successfully escape from jail by slipping out the front using a disguise without anyone knowing about it. King Troy’s home was burglarized, and he accused Charles Mcgee of burglarizing his home. In the years of 1970 and 1971 the UVLs engaged in violent shootings in the North Lawndale and East Garfield Park area that resulted in deaths and they went at it with Egyptian Cobras and Black Souls that made the newspapers.

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