( v û! It would be better to compare two proposals for new rocket technology, where there would be scope for evaluating which is best. London WC1R 4HQ. 2. Ø Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş ù" ù" Š Š D Î Ş Š Š Î What makes a successful EPQ Title? Bear in mind that one of the final stages in your project is the review stage. There are lots of possible effects which could be explored here, and there is a danger that the project will simply end up describing them, and not analyzing the issue. It would be better to express the title in the form of a commission rather than a question.

What materials will be used? Think of them as the stages on the journey to the completion of your project. If you have chosen a good title, it will be fairly obvious where you need to begin researching. This could be done as an Extended Project (and this question could well be turned into an investigation/field study, if there was some primary research) but it is important to be aware of the complexity of the issue.

In a project like this, you could use your knowledge of a particular historic event, such as World War One, as a case study which helps to give focus to an exploration of the deeper question of historical causation. It involves choosing a topic, carrying out research, then creating EITHER a 5,000 word report OR a 'product' + a 1,000 word report. Example P302 Investigation / Field Study Titles “Is there an age group when social networking is most prolific?” This is a promising title.

If you pick a question which you can answer in a much shorter space of time, or if you pick a brief which can easily be met without much work, then you have probably not picked a suitable title.

The answer can be found quite easily through research. Choose a title which you think will work and then do some initial research. The important thing with performances and artefacts is thinking about the work you are doing in relation to the audience or the client. The aim of the performance needs to be considered in relation to an audience. It would be better to identify some specific elements of equine management which could be evaluated, perhaps by means of a contrast of the merits of two different programmes. “Effect of leading questions on witness?” There is an interesting issue here but as it stands, this is not a suitable title.

The objectives are the tasks you need to complete in order to answer your question, test your hypothesis, or fulfil the commission or brief for your work.

It addresses an area of controversy, so there will be scope for argument and counter-argument. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion

If the level of material and ideas you are working with is lower than A level standard, it will be difficult to access the full range of available marks.

Northern Ireland (due to the qualification open market arrangement), have a significant input to the choice and design of an Extended Project and take responsibility either for an individual task or for a defined task within a group project, develop and improve their own learning and performance as critical, reflective and independent students, develop and apply decision-making and, where appropriate, problem solving skills, extend their planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills, where appropriate, develop as e-confident students and apply new technologies in their studies, develop and apply skills creatively, demonstrating initiative and enterprise, use their learning experiences to support their personal aspirations for further study and career development, transfer skills developed as part of the extended project to other areas of study. What makes a good EPQ? A question such as ‘Are fines an effective deterrent to illegal down-loading?’ would be more focussed, and would allow scope for evaluation as well as description (does the evidence show that fining down-loaders does deter them? "As it stands, this title is less likely to lead to an effective project.

> ? You could look at the history, economics and politics of the European Union. !! You can explore a topic from a number of different points of view. Ö All forms of Extended Project involve significant research.

Is the student going to be filming, acting, producing or creating artwork for the packaging? “How has marina development affected local marshland biodiversity?” This is an interesting and quite well-focused title. As internally assessed qualifications, students may complete their EPQ throughout the year. the Scoville Test), this question will yield a testable hypothesis and is thus suitable as an investigation title. As it stands, it is still a little broad and some narrowing down would be needed as the project gets underway. It is not yet clear what exactly is going to be done during the process, though. Example P301 Dissertation Titles “How do rockets work?” This is in the form of a question, and it would lead to research. A good project title is at the right level Remember that the Extended Project Qualification is a Level 3 Qualification.

But on its own, this research will not really enable you to answer the question.

It will help if the student considers these issues before progressing too far with the work of rehearsing and performing. Once a technique for measuring subjective sensations of heat has been established (e.g. In your project, you will be researching different answers, analyzing them, and arguing about which answer you think is best. “Do violent video games encourage violent behaviour?” This is a question which can be researched and there are different possible answers which can be argued about.

( Ş ( ë! You should pick an open question: one that can be answered in different ways. There needs to be something to argue about. When you are choosing the title for your EPQ, bear in mind the following points: 1. Once you have decided on a potential title, think about the specific objectives for your project. Then in your project, you will be able to explore these alternatives and evaluate them critically. Select and use a range of communication skills and media to convey and present outcomes and conclusions. The EPQ also formed a mandatory part of the Level 3 Advanced and Progression Diplomas which were introduced in 2008 and have since been withdrawn. Square "This title has the potential to lead to a successful project but more focus needs to be achieved. “How is pepper heat related to colour?” This title is based on the thought that there might be a correlation between the colour of a pepper and the heat it seems to produce in the mouth. 3. Write Down Subtitles That Relate To Your Main EPQ Question.

EPQ Titles. Some HEPs signal this by adjusting their standard A level offer for certain courses to include the EPQ. &. Mark grids are provided for each unit to demonstrate student performance at three levels for each assessment outcome, and how marks may be allocated. 4. EPQ notes will not have been physically, chemically, or materially processed to give the appearance of a higher grade. Although not mentioned, it would be easy to infer that this was work which had been commissioned by a client. “To learn new woodworking techniques” This is not, as it stands, a complete title for a project. looking at the work of the ASA). Preview. A good title is clear and specific. A project in which most of the work went into selecting text and images, and which neglected key design considerations, would be less successful.

This qualification helps students develop and demonstrate their project management skills and provides opportunities for extended writing, both of which are highly valued for progression to higher education and employment.

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