If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself that it sounds more like a boy’s name, then you might want to know that it’s in decline as boy’s name. I've never heard anyone call her by her real name, Mackensie. Peaceful, rested, centered?

“People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement,” according to SheKnows.

It’s also not one of those names that are easily forgotten even for people who can never remember anyone’s names.

Many new moms find themselves absolutely loving Oakley as a baby girl’s name, only to hold back from choosing it as a result of the association to the sunglasses brand. Join millions of moms and take control of your body and life.

In either case, Margo is another former short name that is now a name of its own. Whereas it may have been a nickname before, it’s 100% a name of itself now. Talk about adorable!

They deserve names that sound … Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. It doesn't get edgier than Stranger Things and for anyone a fan of the popular Netflix TV show, then Millie should be a top contender.

This pretty much assures that you won’t find another girl with the same spelling as your little one. It’s also currently sitting in the 2,509th spot as far as popularity, and the good news is that it’s currently dropping even more in popularity. From one-syllable wonders like Rae to super-cool finds like Seven, come explore the edgy girl names you love. Whichever word picture you are drawn to, give the name Torn a chance.

"My mom's maiden name is Wynn and when we were thinking of names for our daughter I really wanted to honor my mom's side of the family. Thyri can bring the passion, but you must bring the motivation! Rhona means "ruler's counselor" and she has the potential to give sage advice during crucial times. The bird dives at a speed so high that no other bird can match it. So think of the future of a little girl who is commanding but brings peace to those around her. Women are strong.

The Lady Una symbolized truth, goodness and wisdom. Youthful; Star crossed lover in the Shakespearian tragedy Romeo and Juliet, a maleficent female wraith in Scandinavian folklore that causes nightmares, Help; In Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', Ophelia was the lover of Hamlet who went insane as a result of his irrational behavior.

Think through each name on this list carefully. Imagine it's roll call. More and more, parents are seeking something outside of the box, and edgy baby girl names deliver. I LOVE her name and get a lot of comments on it," shared one user on Baby Name Wizard.

Irish version of the name of the goddess of fire, which may also be spelled Brighid, God is my oath, From Elisabeth and variation of "Bunny.". Either way you've got a winner with this modern name.

She fights fear with her sword and slays the enemy of timidity with one blow. Take note of this point if you name your little girl Quin as you may just need to lock away the crayons for longer than most parents to avoid any unwanted masterpieces on the walls. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a child that grasped concepts quickly?! Although that’s not the least popular name, neither is it the most popular. If you can see your little one setting trends, or going first down the slide at the playground you might try names that reflect their boldness and courage. Kate and Meghan missing from top 100 baby names of 2018.

They are also said to love to learn, so you can expect her to stay in school and graduate with honors (hopefully of course). Although if you’re in Texas, you may want to avoid this name as it appears to be the most popular there, according to Names.org. soft wind. Rahm doesn't just rule over those around him with an iron fist!

Obviously this one makes me think about the constellation in the night sky. Choosing a name, only to have grandma turn her nose up in disbelief at how terrible it is, can be one of the most devastating things. All-gifts; In Greek mythology, Pandora's curiosity led her to open a mysterious box, thereby releasing misery and hope into the world. Because of this, its worth is far beyond the others.

Come explore with me some of the unusual yet gorgeous names with tons of potential. Laya could also be a great choice for anyone in love with Lila or Layla, but deterred by their popularity. ), then Havyn might be an interesting, unique and edgy name worth considering. All things considered, you could opt for “Jayden” instead as many parents have, but if you’re not a fan of replacing common letters with Y in names, then you’re going want to stick with Jaden. It sounds particularly edgy for a little girl and there are good chances that grandma will approve.

200+ Badass Girl Names That Sound Fierce AF By January Nelson Updated June 13, 2018.

Since this is my middle name I quite like it and the fact it is unique. It’s a beautiful name, especially since as SheKnows describes: “People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.”, And don’t be too quick to think that it’s a bad name either! It goes without saying that it’s a massively edgy name as well as the connection to “wild” is evident. Anastasia. Have you heard the phrase, "the student has become the teacher?" Sometimes, it’s better not to tell any friends or family the name that you have chosen until the baby has arrived and the papers are signed, but other times, telling them the name ahead of time is simply unavoidable. Faithfulness; This name is derived from the plant name. Winning! What about "beloved?" So picture a little girl with the name Saffron, and the value that she'll have. If you name your child Falcon, you can be certain that he'll see what he wants from a long distance and will soar to great heights to achieve his goals. Well that's not my job, it's yours. A couple of celebs like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, as well as supermodel Milana Oyenuga have named their sons Jaden, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t name your little girl this name too! Aiden.

Well it means "immortal" so I think it's been around a while. No way, he possesses the qualities to draw the people in through his charming personality.

Unsplash / …

First and foremost, mom and dad need to love it.

Her words of knowledge can draw out the most resistant of souls and give them purpose. They are swift and can alter course quickly.

When my mother was pregnant with me she said "If the baby is a boy, the name will be Dylan.

Another positive factor for choosing this name is that it’s dropping in popularity for girls.

So what can Thyri be guided toward that will enlist her to use her passion for what is right? Some find a certain suffix fits the ticket, like the long -O ending found in Margo and Cleo, while others love the excitement of an unexpected letter like X as seen in Xenia.

If you love the name, and grandma approves, then your little girl will make it her own name. One of the most common forms of the name Honor in the Middle Ages. It’s rare, but it…Read more. (Blake & Evangeline).”, Looks like she’s on a winning streak when it comes to picking names. A Baby Name Wizard user confided: “My friend named her daughter (born in 2007) Harlow. Your child will thank you as they learn to appreciate your thoughtfulness and the fact that you didn't name them Noah or Olivia in 2017. Here’s a name you have likely never heard before: Laya.

Nowadays, you can simply never know if a particular name is for girls or boys exclusively as they are all becoming unisex. Check out these super hip and modern names for your new baby.

If you have been on the hunt for a baby girl name, then you should know that many new moms often gravitate towards names like “Heaven”, “Faith”, and “Hope”.

1- she is our "rainbow baby" after many losses, so I loved the idea of a color name for her.

We can’t guarantee per country, but we’re willing to bet that you would be hard-pressed to find another Livi in the country anyways. What makes this name so special a little baby girl? If a name could be lovely and edgy at the same time, the name Saffron would qualify. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. daughter of the sea; The name is borne in Shakespeare's King Lear by Lear's youngest daughter, the only one who was faithful to him. It’s easy on the tongue and is an overall strong name. As far as meanings ago, this one is pretty straightforward as it’s derived from the oak tree. Say it out loud and see which you prefer.

This elegant name was common among Old Norse peoples.

More importantly: you need to pick a name that you love. Although Ramsey has been climbing that popularity ranks the past couple of years a little girls name, the "e" spelling has not. It's gender neutral too, so that's amazing! His troops would be weary after a several day journey through the mountains and desert, except that he gave them all a SWAG (Stuff We All Get) bag with extra pacifiers and cheerios in it for the road.

See more details here at Amazon. If you can imagine your child taking risks and giving back to the world around them, then choose names to communicate this value. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Perhaps a young man with the name Orion will become a radiant and positive, memorable influence. More good news is that Harlow has started dropping in popularity and will probably continue its decline in upcoming years.

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