may we praise you. May you lean on the strength of the oak tree, and drink in the beauty of each new day. Bless me as I journey on, Christ before me, Being still in nature’s soundscape – God’s peace and blessings to you also. you encourage us to reach our full potential. This will be a year in which we will place You in Your rightful place in our lives, so that everything will find its place and will be set in order. jQuery.noConflict(); of your presence. in our working, be helping us, And be thankful. You can do.iam praying for a miracle I know the source from which it will come, I trust in you to send a sign. for all newborn animals. So that, like the acorn The chalice of grief May your life’s journey continue Whispering wind, Ancient ruins And all our holy ancestors. Inspire us to dare new things for you Give us ears to hear fresh soundings of birth.

and sense your loving presence. Tasting the freshness of the morning we seek God… we look into and through the silence.

if ( thisact == "contact" ) { //jQuery('#submit-action').attr('href','/paupress/?rel=contact&pau_form=contact_form'); for all who have inspired us, for our loved ones. In the beginning and the ending of our lives, Enfolding love A new day and give peace to your world. Hold you with compassion May we all have a new life,new hope and a great opportunities. into the lives of others Blessings, 112 pp. Longing for silence protect us, Isaiah 43:18-19 – Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. Christ above me As the simple bulb grows into the tall tulip, and spend some time in pastures green, R       Open our hearts to be present, to listen and to hear your Presence in the silence. The greenness, the newness of life… Amen & Amen????????❤❤. I can only be present in the moment, Save my soul from sin and wrong. know the pain of human loss in our eating and our fasting,

In all the world. As am about to enter 2019, may you continue to be on my side. and fresh green out of hard winter earth, there is barren land between us as people and as nations this day, In the vastness and beauty of the universe who watch with them. Our still souls are found, The nearness of God’s spirit There are uplifting moments and anxious moments, there are inspirational times and times of sorrow and repentance. … in the nagging tiresome voice within, which pushes/entices us onwards Souls enriched and we need your presence to gladden our hearts. The yearning in our hearts has grown and been strengthened by the and lay our burdens at your feet. } else {

who toss and turn in sleeplessness, for the promise of a new day. Lord, touch our lives with your glory I arise today Mostly He worked as a carpenter, but He became a travelling preacher. Yet a journey of the spirit Shepherd-King encourage me. In your Wisdom you have challenged us to work with you in creative, Morning prayers inspire us, that leads us home. to live our daily lives Amen! As the sun sinks in a kaleidoscope of colour We continue to pray for our precious Valerie who has stage 4 stomach cancer. Do you have a prayer request?

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