and in moments you'll see the number of times that particular boat has popped up in the National Vehicle Database. Let Boat History Report® help save you from a boat that could jeopardize your families safety while Boats are constantly seized by U.S. Customs due to illegal activities. I am MORE than pleased with your service! Collisions cause structural damage that can jeopardize safety and will lower the resale value of the boat. Don't hesitate to spend the money and save yourself from a huge mistake.

Once the cosmetic issues are fixed you may never know a fire had occurred. Use Boat History Report® to insure that you don't buy a boat that has been damaged in an

boat’s value. Mark me down as a very satisfied customer.

Due to safety concerns, manufacturers report recalls every month; however, numerous We are providing all dealers/brokers with free access to our reports during the COVID-19 crisis. Your rapid and professional responses have provided me the information I needed to make an informed decision when looking at a boat that I assumed was a Katrina victim, even though the owner told me it was clean. to purchase one that's had major damage in the past. And true to your word you provided a 100% money back guarantee! it was ever present.

Boats frequently run aground due to a miscalculation of the water's depth.

Email us.

you may still contact us by phone or email.

Phone: 865-590-9090 Fax: 928-441-0580 Email: Best $39.99 I have ever spent.

Has it been submerged and totaled? A HIN lookup will

damage that could result in loss later on. Boat History Report displays great customer service. remotely in Stripe's secure datacenter.

What's a

My experience has been really positive. Even though your financial information never goes to our servers, report information I want to thank you for the excellent service that I received from you and your company. where can I find it?

Boats that have been submerged sustain damage that can take months to surface.

These boats may have spent significant time submerged under salt water resulting in Similar to cars, boats can sustain structural damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye. All rights reserved. Saved me many headaches and a “boatload” of cash. We recommend beginning with a free boat HIN check. Hurricane Sandy resulted in over $650 million in damages to recreational boats. Thank you for following up.

Not only are boats swamped or capsized while in use, but many sink dockside as a result

Also, the HIN may be stated on the title, registration, and insurance documents. Boat History Report® is an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau and we strive costing you thousands of dollars to repair. Don’t lose thousands by purchasing a damaged boat- run a Boat History Report® and be informed. A boat HIN search will work for any boat made in 1972 or later: Wellscraft; Stingray; Wave-Rider; Any manufacturer! The fastest way to get ahold of us is through our Your finding this accident gave me substantial relief regarding the absence of a 12th digit in the Hull ID # and thankfully, it was such a small collision, that even my surveyor will, I think, be unconcerned. Thank you, I’ve loved using your service, and will tell everyone what a great company you are! Last decoded HIN GLAC0335M83A SERT6901F506 ZZNH2194D595 TIXW8791D505 SMK04898M81D BEY79058J102 RNK18091G586 EYS331090477 Thanks again, and for sure on my next boat, I will once again, seek your expertise!

A boat HIN search will work for any boat made in 1972 or later: Just find the twelve-character HIN for the boat you are interested in. Open (unfixed) safety recalls can result in serious injury and sometimes death. HIN, and

If the dealer or broker listing the boat has not provided you with a report from Boat History Report®, ask them to provide you with the boat…

Unlike cars, boats have no uniform salvage titling law. accident and then repaired.

Don't unknowingly buy one

However, the HIN lookup will only tell you the number of records the database has for the vessel you are interested in. is encrypted as well. These boats are usually repaired and resold with clean titles, without disclosing previous total loss events. If I buy another boat, I will absolutely get another report. Click on these images to reveal the damage. All Boat History Report Most states do not recognize salvage and damaged titles for boats. Thank you so much for your help.

about the customer support Order your report now and search later. Don’t worry!

We can even help you find it. Thank you very much, and you have been more than awesome and have earned every penny of this report!!

We have been dreaming of this for over three decades and it is starting to look up. of heavy rains, storm surge, faulty drains or poor sealing thru-hull fittings. I was able to read this report and based on this information, this boat looks pretty good. detailed explanation, be sure to check out our Thanks for all your help, as I do think it helped play a role in the selling of our boat over a long distance- Willis, Texas to Canada. Please enter any Hull Identification Number - HIN to check. Is your boat safe? customer support portal. All you need to do is ask them for it by saying, “Show me the history!” If the dealer or broker listing the boat has not provided you with a report from Boat History Report®, A HIN lookup will help you find out whether a used boat is worth buying. help you find out whether a used boat is worth buying.

Not only can running aground cause hidden structural damage to the boat, if environmental damage making it completely secure. boat, as once repaired- these boats can look better than new to an unsuspecting buyer. Boats can be dangerous - and you certainly don't want In addition to cosmetic damage, boat fires can also cause hidden structural damage. Therefore, storm damaged boats are auctioned off to be restored and re-sold to unknowing individuals, with Federal regulations mandate the HIN must follow the format in the image below. to maintain that rating. Check our national database to see if your The report looks fantastic and I will let you know when we close. Most boats will have a HIN attached or stamped into the hull. you avoid purchasing a boat that has run aground. I am impressed that you were able to track down the information… AND get back to me so quickly. However purchases now include a 1 year BoatUS Membership, By purchasing you are agreeing to our Terms & You have truly been a blessing to Jenna and I and we are so grateful for your help.

We recommend Get Certified Boat History Report . Boat dealers and yacht brokers are not required to report seizure information to customers. You provide good service that I intend to use again. ask them to provide you with the boat’s HIN so that you can run your own. Boat History Report® is for! Copyright © 2005-2020, VeriHull LLC. Thanks! I really liked that all my information was there and it was credible for backing up the sale of our boat to an owner in Canada. Sinkings and flooding occur more frequently than you may realize. Many boats manufactured often contain dangerous, potentially fatal flaws. Don’t have a Hull ID Number? Your financial information never touches our systems and is stored

Your Boat History Report will check for damage including: Thank you very much. For additional HIN formats and a more Boat History Report® helps uncover events like these in a boat’s history. Enter it in the

Boat History Report saved me on a $25,000 purchase of a salvaged boat that the owner "didn't know about".

Please contact detrimental if you have any issues whatsoever.

Our payment system is

Example: ABC2AB41G203 It's used to register your boat and to track your boat's history. A HIN is the nautical equivalent of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your car. could lead to a lot of subtle problems and thousands in repair costs.

Boat History Report® is the only way to know the real truth flawed boats remain in the marketplace. Know when a boat has been in an accident.

With your and your company’s help, we think this is going to happen. Validate the VIN / HIN number here to ensure details and documentation of the boat are valid! This is often referred to as the “boat serial number” or “boat ID number”.

The Hull Identification Number (HIN) serves as the boat’s unique identifier, similar to the VIN of a car.

When making an investment in a boat you should do your homework. Many times these boats incur serious damage during the seizing activity.

Has it been stolen or salvaged?

boat has been issued a safety recall as part of your report from Boat History Report®. Don't put yourself at risk - Boat History Report® can help was caused, the new owner could be responsible for the previous owners negligence, as these fines stay

with the boat and not the reckless boater. Let's face it: buying a used boat can be a little risky. No risk to you — 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

A boat hull identification number, which is commonly referred to as a HIN or hull ID, serves the same basic purpose as a vehicle serial number. Damage to the vessel, especially fiberglass vessels, can be repaired very easily with almost no trace

Since November 1, 1972, federal law requires all boats, including inflatables like rafts, IKs and SUP boards, manufactured in, or imported into, the US to have a unique 12-character identifier called the Hull Identification Number (HIN). I will be back…thank you! Boats can be dangerous - and you certainly don't want to purchase one that's had major damage in the past. Running aground can be one of the most costly problems a boat can endure.

Lifevests, Wakeboards, Rod Holders, Anchors, Bumpers, Boat Covers, Motors and much, much more from Bass Pro Shop. Avoid buying a boat that has been in a collision and then cosmetically repaired. Our extensive database searches hundreds of thousands of accident records. To really find out about the history of the boat you'll need to purchase the Used Boat History Report. is not noticeable immediately, but as corrosion sets in, costly issues will continue to surface. The HIN may be found on the back of the boat in the uppermost right corner or under the swim platform. Click here for how to do it!

Don't get caught off guard by boats with a history of damage and accidents- this I am doing the sea trial tomorrow afternoon. Please Enter Boat Model Year and Boat Hull ID Then Click on the "CHECK HULL ID" Button... Boat Model Year: Boat Hull ID: I am extremely impressed with Boat History’s thoroughness, promptness and unsolicited willingness to go the extra (nautical) mile to get its customers whatever information is out there even though the cost to the customer is extremely small in comparison to the amount of human research undertaken when things are less than clear-- as they were in this case because of the “unofficial”Hull ID #. Has it been recalled? The damage Are you a dealer/broker that's not signed up yet? This is usually a 12 digits long code, beginning with the Manufacturer’s Identification Code (MIC). Your privacy is protected by 2056-bit EV SSL certificate. Due to skilled fiberglass work, boats involved in fires may appear undamaged to the naked eye. free boat HIN check Boats that have been severely damaged have a low resale value and That’s what Boats are deemed a total loss when the cost to repair is greater than a set percentage of the

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