It gives you complete flexibility in adding additional payments and calculates how much is saved by avoiding paying so much interest. By Brett Becker. The boat buying dashboard has the following tools/benefits: Seamlessly import data from (provided by your broker) Automatically calculates average asking price, sales price, time on market and % discount for comparable boats; Calculations are segmented by all sales, by model year and by year sold; Log inventory of boats that your interested in purchasing Updated: September 30, 2019.

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Once the plan is done you can send it off in an email to your loved ones or yacht club as a kind of Trip Report so if you don’t turn up when expected then the authorities will have a much better idea of where to start looking.

I also recommend you save it to your hard drive but also in the cloud somewhere – whether that is as simple as emailing a copy to yourself and then keeping the email, or saving it on Googledocs or your iCloud drive etc. (Fortunately my grandsons will be here tomorrow.) Know your basics. Have never been so organised. You do have choices about what spending level you end up with. Start here to make a plan of all your meals for the week and then make your shopping list. Some tips to help keep your boat shopping smart, savvy and most of all successful in today’s competitive... Do you have a tried-and-true boat manufacturer that you always tend to gravitate towards when you’re... Marine batteries are not the same as car batteries. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the. Add in your regular favourites, I’ve put in a few examples, but I am sure you will have plenty more. Boat of … Ive tried to save the spreadsheet to my laptop, but it will only save the first section on Maintenance Schedule. Glen-L marine designs has been serving the amateur boat builder since 1953 and the business resides in beautiful San Clemente, California. All rights reserved. Your boat’s fuel consumption is not nearly as easy to figure out compared to your car or truck. A cost-effective alternative between trailering and keeping your boat in the water, is rack storage—a launch on demand marina. How To . Is there a way to save the other sections you have created? These revolve where you keep your boat and its resultant ease-of-use, and there are basically three levels.

I want access to all the exclusive Patreon benefits including all financial documents and their future upgrades. You can download it in Excel format or as a PDF: Cost to Build Worksheet-Edmundson – PDF Version, Cost to Build Worksheet-Edmundson – Excel Spreadsheet. A checklist of all the recommended items to have in your First Aid kit – as per the Yachting New Zealand Category 1 Offshore regulations. ), Transportation costs (to and from the water). If enough people are interested in this product, we will work to improve it and this will be one of the first features we’d like to add. By Lenny Rudow. A detailed list of items & systems that are necessary and/or beneficial to have onboard a cruising sailboat. Simply mark an X in the appropriate box and you should end up with a nice curve on your table. Here in New Zealand we call anything that floats with a sail a ‘yacht’ – whether they are tiny sailing dinghies or super yachts. Nikki & Jason, Thank you for keeping your records and sharing. Simply add in your power consumers on board, and work out what size batteries you need and what other sources of charge required – solar/wind/generator etc. This canvas gets torn and mildewed and needs to be maintained properly. Your email address will not be published. Read more about why compiling this information is so important here. A place to record the inventory of the spares you carry on board, you can include the best place to purchase them from, contact details of the supplier, part numbers, price etc. I did a hand drawn one for my former boat and will now attempt a comuterized version for my new boat. Anyway here is the template! When I created a hypothetical 30-foot powerboat and plugged in anticipated operating expenses based on whether I was going to trailer, DIY, or keep the boat at a boatyard, I came up with some pretty significant cost differences.

Thank you for reading my blog. you can’t store them at home and they need special equipment to haul and move them. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

If after your first month of patronage you still have not received an email with a link to download the the Boat Buying Dashboard, please give us a shout on Patreon and we’ll get it sorted. Please note, there may be some additional one-time charges that the trailering and DIY owners should be prepared for that customers of boatyards probably won’t see, such as purchasing a trailer or permanent cover or acquiring specialty tools, ground tackle, and boat stands.

Boats. When I click on the spreadsheet, it automatically downloads, but only the first section.

Today’s boats actually require less maintenance and repairs than those of yester-year, but these factors do still represent a major cost of boat ownership. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Boats. Cost to Build Worksheet-Edmundson – PDF Version. There is a detailed instruction sheet telling you exactly how to use the provisioning spreadsheet. Pingback: Advanced Sea Survival | Astrolabe Sailing, Pingback: The Magnetic Compass | Astrolabe Sailing. Boat Plans Catalog – 300 Boats You Can Build! My formulas aren’t quite right on here, but you can get the idea of how it all works to estimate how much food you are going to need on board to feed the number of people you have got on board.

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