It’s almost impossible to pick out the absolute best half-hour of the show, but this makes a very, very good argument.

This episode is a classic battle in the ongoing feud between Leslie and Jeremy Jamm. The seeds of greatness were laid throughout, and “Ron & Tammy” might be the first perfect episode of the series (though we’ve left it out in favor of its sequel, which you can find below), but “Hunting Trip,” a few installments later, is probably the first to really take advantage of one of the show’s greatest weapons: its killer ensemble. Parks and Rec was great at episodes where they completely upended firmly established characters, and no character was more firmly established than Ron Swanson.

The result is the single most romantic episode of a show that, while it wasn’t ever driven by dating and love lives the way that, say, “How I Met Your Mother” was, could be swooningly sweet in its finest moments: despite Leslie’s fears, and the sheer impulsiveness of the decision (“I cannot emphasize how little we’ve thought about this,” Andy says in his speech), it’s clear that the pair are perfect for each other, and their marriage has smartly remained one of the strongest on television ever since. That is all. Which is, make no mistake about it, the relationship between Leslie and Ron. Doesn’t matter. In the season 6 episode "Fluoride," Ron is making a crib for his unborn child, while Chris buys his from a store. At first, she wants to get the political stink off of her. Even lesser seasons of ‘Parks’ could open big and close big, but a show’s real proving ground is the in-between episodes, the ones that don’t have a big gap to fill in retrospectively, or a big bombshell to leave us hanging cliffside. For a series as uneven yet frequently brilliant as Parks and Rec, singling out the top 25 episodes can be a challenging feat. Win, Lose or Draw (Season 4, Episode 22). The many humorous and desperate ways that she tries to fill time include flipping a coin, describing episodes of Friends, Ron caning a chair, and an accountant explaining spreadsheets. Why It’s On This List: The typical Parks and Rec episode is a smooth blend of absurdist humor and light sentimentality. When push finally comes to shove and Ben must make a decision about his priorities, he surprises Leslie in what would become their new home with a romantic proposal. Still, the full-beam glare goes to Ron and Tammy 2, the ultimate addictive-but-bad-for-you hookup. In this episode, the other members of the former parks department lock Ron and Leslie in the old office overnight in the hopes that they'll settle their differences. Their efforts to keep their relationship secret trigger a Rube Goldberg-esque series of events that eventually leads Ron to getting his eyebrows burned off at the memorial service, which is a hysterical sight. Parks Department is contagious, even if that enthusiasm is generated by impeding the progress of government. However, in "The Comeback Kid" she learns that the group's help, while sweet in theory, is a disaster in practice. Parks and Rec is not a show that needs to look outside its main cast for laughs, but "Animal Control" packs the yucks thanks to its guest stars. How Lori Loughlin is feeling now that she’s in prison, Watch: Kristin Chenoweth shares the song getting her through 2020, Watch Cosmo the Cougar’s latest dance with the BYU Cougarettes, College football recruiting: Top prospects still in the hunt as Utah high school playoffs heat up, When will we hear about more election results? We’re sure the show will stick the landing in the finale, but this love-letter to a show-within-a-show provided a great goodbye anyway. Model U.N.! Ron and Tammy have a twisted relationship that alternates between fighting and hooking up. Knope Goes To Washington“; had one of TV’s most romantic proposals in “Halloween Surprise“; let us meet “Ben’s Parents“; married the pair off with “Leslie & Ben“; and made Ron a dad with “Are You Better Off?“, The Jamm-heavy Season 6 had the show starting to show its age, but there were still several great episodes, including double-length UK-set opener “London,” with a perfect Peter Serafinowicz as Andy’s Brit counterpart; the Eagleton-featuring “Doppelgangers“; the painful “Recall Vote“; the introduction to “The Cones Of Dunshire“; the farewell to Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe with “Ann and Chris“; and terrific finale “Moving Up.” Almost every Season 7 episode has been great, but opener “2017,” “Ron & Jammy,” Google-spoofing “Gryyzlebox,” and wedding episode “Donna & Joe” were particularly so.

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