Here for the gear . If you have tried all of these midi keyboards, which one has the keybed? Not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. Hey there! Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32; Novation SL Mk III; Roland A-88 Mk2; Joué by Joué ; Roland AX-Edge; Expressive E Osmose; Arturia Keystep Pro. The only thing about NI is getting more sounds that you want requires you to buy and that means more $ ??? : Elec. In terms of hardware differences, visually what you’ll notice first is that the MK2 has 16 pads instead of 8, more chord and DAW control functions and an additional row of controls under the knobs and faders which are very helpful when controlling your DAW and Analog Lab. Honestly just looking for the best keybed as for the software daw it really doesn't matter much to me, I do use Logic Pro though. ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Much obliged. Electronic Music Instruments and Electronic Music Production, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol vs. Arturia KeyLab. NI KK all the way. Yeah, I was wondering how effective the Komplete Kontrol would be with only 8 knobs.

All other standard return policy conditions apply. The journey wasn’t easy. My D50 is nice but the velocity limitations need some tweaking that is beyond my skillz.

Each had bad screens. Like stated above the artuira is just a basic generic midi controller. The build itself is very different between the two – Keylab Essential is plastic and the MK2 is aluminum with wood on the side. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. I have the Komplete Kontrol S49 (MK1) and S25 (MK1, as there's no MK2 of that). The Arturia KeyLab 88 is more generic and their control software to program/map controls (based of my experience with a Beat Step Pro) is pretty good once you get used to it. Compare Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 vs Arturia KeyLab 61 vs Novation Launchkey-61 MK2 vs Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A61 Press ‎ ↵ Enter ‎ for Accessibility for blind people who use screen readers You have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought after Oct 19, 2020. This website displays data from third party public sources.

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When it comes to dealing with a huge collection of synths and sounds, I think 8 knobs with real time lcd read outs of what parameter your tweaking is much better than 4 times that many knobs of a generic controller where there's no feedback of what the knobs and sliders represent. I've been using KK61 MK2 for about six months now. Create a B&H Account, America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek, Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. We close every Friday evening to Saturday evening for Shabbos. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Arturia MiniLab MkII is a more popular midi controller, based on its 1,000+ reviews. Please enable javascript for your best B&H experience. Spent a month at the music shop trying out every MIDI controller they have. Posted by 1 month ago. NI are streets ahead of the competition with the KK S Series, like TESLA, it shows what can be done with modern technology whilst the rest look old and out dated. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 26th November 2019 #31. krisbg. I have both Arturia V Collection 6 and Komplete 11 Ultimate. Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol vs. Arturia KeyLab When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Arturia definitely looks like it's got it beat in that department. I went through several keylab MK2’s. And the difference between them is the functionality? Create a B&H Account, America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek, Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The S61 wins in the keyed department though, nektar keys are just ok which is why I sold mine and replaced it with a nektar P1 for control duties, and an Arturia KeyLab mk2 - which I think is one of the nicest 61 key controllers around these days. As far as I understand, KK S88 MK2 could have 16 split zones, with the aid of light guide? More posts from the synthesizers community, Obsessed with synthesizers: hardware & software, Press J to jump to the feed. I like the metal pitch and mod wheels of the Arturia and the drum pads. Didn't realise quite that many, though I did know about Arturia... Fader Fox pc12 is there for someone who likes a lot of knobs without having to page through. Thanks for the info, Arcadia! the integration with Ableton Live is really impressive: Don't know about the others, but the arturia 88 keylab "weighted' key action is horrible, it seems to take ages for the keys to lift after pressing, and they make a lot of clunky noise on top of that. ▪︎Arturia keylab mk2 (heard the keybed is nice), ▪︎komplete kontrol mk2 (heard the keybed is nice too, but keys lose quality of some time), I don't mind the price. I use the S61 MK2 and prefer the feel of the keys to the others.

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