for confirming that the dancer (who I could never find a credit for) was, in fact, Bernardo! Were they maternal/paternal toward you? All those years ago, I didn’t actually watch it, and I’ve never tuned in except for a few minutes every time I have turned it on.

Im always hoping that somewhere out there in hollywood there is still one heart that is not tainted with modern values,that could find one more Holiday Inn, Its a Wonderful Life, White Christmas ,Good Sam, or Christmas Story.

She doesn’t like to talk much about her acting days, but I wanted to share with her the lovely comments you all share about White Christmas. I read that Vera Ellen also lost a baby to SIDS and that was another reason she backed out of show-biz. Morse had received a letter from Mrs. Whitfield and he allowed young Anne to read some Family scripts as an audition. I adore all these beautiful, light hearted movies from earlier times. In 1944, my mother drove the two of us on Route 66 out to Hollywood. I love the movie “White Christmas”.

Thanks so much for this wonderful post! Vera-Ellen was an amazing dancer, but she couldn’t sing. After White Christmas, Vera-Ellen only appeared in one more movie, 1957’s Let’s Be Happy, before retiring from the screen.

I hope you have a great New Year. What goes in to making a PHIL HARRIS/ALICE FAYE SHOW? I thought she was like 40 and Vera looks much younger than her. The sets remind me of the Ethan Allen colonial-style interiors that my parents tried to replicate when I was a kid. Numerous radio jobs followed in the wake of Anne’s success on Family: she appeared on such soap operas as Doctor Paul (indulging in a bit of transgenderism by emoting as young Christopher Martin) and Doorway to Life, and made the rounds on such series as The Lux Radio Theatre, The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater, Family Theater, The Great Gildersleeve, The Life of Riley, The Halls of Ivy and Cavalcade of America. Rosemary Clooney was only 26 and her love interest, Bing Crosby, was 51 when they made the movie in 1954. I’m glad you enjoyed a White Christmas this year. .-= jennie w.´s last blog ..Don we now our gay apparel =-. Clooney said Bing sang all the time throughout his daily life. However, if they really did open those and it was that cold the whole room would have been so chilly. If not, the sets are AMAZING. Gosh he had the most beauitiful eyes (and darn good skin for a 50-year-old golfer!!!!)

Plus, I really like where they are filming on the “duplicate” set that you get to see what the set actually looks like. And me . If you ever do get that Inn that you desire, I’ll be sure to book a holiday with you! Oh, Julia, this is my favorite Christmas movie, too! My family watches it every Christmas. Thank you, thank you for posting this! Short of her own success in movies and/or radio, she had a daughter who she thought was very talented. Played the fictionalized version of Phyllis Harris on the "Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show" on radio. What a lovely webpage! We, too, can quote all the lines! Thanks for all the information! The theatre was so crowded, some of us had to sit on the steps in the balcony. Actually, she called me on the day before Xmas Eve singing this song to me.

The train conductor is very familiar and I believe he has been on many films. The finale & the doors opening to snow is just magical. Thanks! It is my most favorite Christmas movie.

I remember buying it when it came out the first time on VHS! I’ve never seen set shots, from this film. I read somewhere that although most of the Inn was a set @ Paramount which they later used for the movie :White Christmas” there is a hoteol in Monte Rio, California, called The Village Inn and some of the outside scenes were filmed there. If you look at the big arched windows it sure looks like the same set.

I love this movie more each time I see it. Thank you for sharing this info. Just like to say ” they dont make em like this any more” Best film ever. Anne Whitfield was born August 27, 1938 in Oxford, Mississippi, USA. .-= Richella at Imparting Grace´s last blog ..For Edie =-. I never gave a thought to the age difference between the actors..that’s really something. This post is so good Julia…I wish I had seen it at or before Christmas!

.-= Gina A.´s last blog ..DIY Project- Advent Calendar & Cans for Comments Update! Wouldn’t it be the BEST if some investors could recreate this place?? .-= Lizzy´s last blog ..The One with the Drool =-. Thanks for this lovely post! I mean, come on. I knew every word of the song. Do you remember his family Christmas shows? Q. It’s nice to hear what she’s doing now.

I can’t tell you how many times I watched this movie this season. “White Christmas” is such a classic film and song, one of my favorites Sadly, we did not have a white Christmas. Well, there were rehearsals sitting around a table. Since I like the looks of the room, I will have to check it out, but I really don’t think it can compare to Holiday Inn.

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