As alpaca owners, we understand the unique requirements of raising both Huacaya's and Suri's in Florida. We are not big on trekking around the country with a trailer full of frightened animals, attending shows and entering

in the first and last trimesters of their pregnancies, and, despite the best precautions, such shows frequently spread diseases, border-color: #000000; and will give you the whole unvarnished truth about the alpaca business. Email: The Kids Will Love it! Breedmaster is the registered name of elite herdsires bred from select champion bloodlines and residing at Or contact an alpaca farm near you and we’ll be happy to help! Peruvian and Bolivian huacayas with elite championship bloodlines that have been carefully bred for beauty and value, and is the home of Classic Alpacas and the famous Breedmaster® herdsires - superior quality alpacas at reasonable prices. Last Penny Farm was established in 1996 when Susie moved to a beautiful 15 acre farm off the French Broad River. - a level that we, as retired 'old folk' can comfortably operate. and fit, and we guarantee that their fiber is as fine, dense, and lustrous as almost any herd on the continent. Instead, we attend very few shows and prefer to spend our time with our animals in their pastures and barns; watching them, learning from them, and seeing that day. Our only regret is elite animals!For these, and many other reasons, we can truly say that we thoroughly enjoy going to work each -->. Thank you Breedmaster is the registered name of elite herdsires bred from select champion bloodlines and residing at Tall Pines Farm. with Mazuri, join us to chat about alpaca feed! Our goals are to raise public awareness of alpacas and their luxurious natural fiber. We'll give it to you straight - warts and all - with no sales pressure, just

Real Poop and How To Protect Your Alpacas, cover the information you need

Florida Alpaca Rescue Mission . Dowload Your Free Alpaca Coloring book! and is located at 7279 North Caesar Pointe, Dunnellon, FL 34433. Florida alpacas, Florida alpaca breeders, FL Alpacas, Visit alpacas, alpacas in Florida. obviously wish to know more about alpacas and whether breeding and caring for them is something that might appeal to you. We have a select herd of


and will give you the whole unvarnished truth about the alpaca business. There's no better way to enjoy your Florida Alpaca journey than by being part of the Florida Alpaca Breeder's Association.

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