The aquarium should be planted densely on the sides and background.

It has a silver body with a distinct black batch on its body and the tail. Keep them in groups of 5 or more to limit the fin nipping. Click here to close this box. The caudal, dorsal, anal, and adipose fins are red in color.

This box will close automatically! Small Appliances Hyphessobrycon anisitsi OR B_A Tetra 6.

Also, don't keep them with fish like betas and angelfish. Toast Racks – Please don't make the water movement too much to make them continuously swim against. Generally, in the aquarium red-eye, tetra eats all kinds of live, fresh, and high-quality flake food to keep the right balance every day with brine shrimp (either live or frozen) or blood worms as a treat. The Cochus tetras are fast-swimming fish suitable for planted tanks and any type if community tank. Even long-finned Angelfish can jump out of the tank! The nurse tetra Brycinus nurse has been kept by fishkeepers since at least the early twentieth century, and remains a popular species thanks to its hardiness, peaceful nature, and attractive colours. As such, they’re well suited to big community tanks with lots of swimming space. You can feed  Blackedge tetra live or frozen(by slightly warming it) freshwater fish food too. Talking about their body and color, their scales are very thin and transparent (a see through scales) exposing their inner organs.

It can be achieved with surface vegetation(will diffuse artificial lights). Once spawning is complete, remove all of the parents to prevent the eggs being eaten. The appearance of the X-Ray Tetra is very unorthodox so many breeders have been breeding X-Ray tetras in captivity to produce thousands of fish to meet the increasing demands of the costumers. Better not to mix with other tetras too.

See Tetra. Keep them in a small school (shoal) of 6 or more. Bathyaethiops caudomaculatus or African Moon Tetra is a peaceful fish that you should keep in a school of at least 8-10. We are always looking for talented aquarists to share their expertise with the community. These fins are usually long and white-colored. It has an orange body with bright orange colored fins. These fish originate from Venezuela. Since bloodfin tetra is a very enduring and undemanding fish, it is suitable for beginning aquarists. Moenkhausia dichroura OR Bandtail Tetra 8.

The X-Ray tetras are native to Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname, Guyana,  French Guiana,  and other parts of Southern America. Make sure your email address is valid, please! The African Moon Tetra (Bathyaethipos caudomaculatos) are small grey species of tetra. Usual size in fish tanks: 7 - 9 cm (2.76 - 3.54 inch) 0 14.

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Omnivore; They accept a varied diet with live food, frozen food, and they should accept flake food.

For the fish couple, it requires the minimum tank size of 30 liters, but it would be better to keep them in a school in a large-sized tank. The bleeding heart tetras are some of the most unique looking tetra fish.

The body of the black edge tetra is translucent light blue, which makes it a very desirable tetra fish. None of the Distichodus species are fussy about water chemistry, though some effort will need to be made to ensure water quality remains good despite their messy feeding habits.The most popular species is the six-banded distichodus Distichodus sexfasciatus.

2 inches (5 cm), sometimes slightly larger. The tetra fish are very easy to keep and have a vast personality. This email address has already been taken! We also know the dawn tetras as Rio tetra or the panda tetras because of the distinct white and black spots around its tail fin area. They are all herbivores, and cannot be kept in planted tanks: even things like Java ferns and Anubias are likely to be damaged, if not completely destroyed! African Moon Tetra. South America, Amazon River. Males are up to 8 cm in length and have very long, flamboyant fins; females are a bit smaller and their fins aren’t nearly so well developed.

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