The dosage is higher for heavier cats. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase="antezole for cats dosage"; I’m thinking he is about 3lb. Can I use two of those doses or will the one small dose work on him? Bayer HealthCare LLC, Animal Health Division, P.O. Monitor your cat after application, Side effects, although very rare, may include signs of skin irritation such as redness, scratching, or other signs of discomfort. Then the monthly schedule should be adhered to after control is attained. You’ll likely be under-dosing the larger cat by using the small cat (5 to 9 lbs) product. This question should be addressed to your cats’ vet. A Purrfect New Medicine?

Turn the cap around and place other end of cap back on tube. Copyright 2020 — All about pet. If you read the specs on Advantage, it is safe to treat every 2 weeks- or at least it used to be.

Harmful if swallowed. Do not apply to cats or kittens weighing less than 2 lbs. I can only advise to follow the label. A Guide to CBD Oil for Cats CertaPet Children's Benadryl for cats, what is the correct dosage?Antezole drug information: uses, indications, side effects, dosage. I have noticed that one of my cats is scratching pretty badly, Will it hurt to apply another dose even thought it hasn’t been a month yet? Advantage II for cats is waterproof and remains effective following a shampoo treatment or after exposure to rain or sunlight. No. Under normal conditions, one dose will last a month. Advantage II for Cats Dosage FleaScience. The two active ingredients in Advantage II are imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen. Is it safe to use the whole tube on my cat?

Advantage II for cats provides multi-stage flea control effectively breaking all flea life-cycle stages for lasting control of flea populations. After flea control is attained, return to a monthly retreatment schedule. No. and large cats (over 9 lbs. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube to expel the entire contents directly on the skin.

The treatment is applied to the cats’ necks, so they can’t groom or lick off the concentrated dosage. Thank you. and large cats (over 9 lbs.

Is it safe to give my cats a dose every 2 weeks rather than once per month?

And the active ingredient formulation is identical in all products. If empty: Do not reuse this container. amzn_assoc_linkid="b8d46f50e392d458dbffed0719745662"; Fenbendazole mixes with your furry friend's food.

Egyptian cats for kidsantezole for cats dosage Strongid dewormer liquid – Bing Cats should not be on a long-term treatment with prednisone, as it can have dangerous side effects in the long run. amzn_assoc_ad_mode="search"; If partly filled: Call your local solid waste agency or 1-800-422-9874 for disposal instructions.

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Pesticide Storage: Store in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children and pets. Within 2 weeks there are usually live fleas again. All rights reserved. ADVANTAGE Small Cat - For Cats 8 Weeks and Older and Weighing 5 - 9 lbs. Should I continue using dosage for 5-9 lb. The vet gave me some flea meds for my cats.

Posted in Uncategorized. Preexisting pupae in the environment may continue to emerge for six (6) weeks or longer depending upon the climatic conditions. I’m paranoid that I mis-weighed my cat because she isn’t acting normal after treating her. 2. If you scroll to the bottom of these pages, there is toxicity information.

What is the dose of pyrantel pamoate suspension for my cats?

Prednisone For Cats: Uses, Dosage, & Side Effects – CatTimeantezole for cats dosageIf your cat is infected with the parasite Giardia, Panacur often is the drug of choice for veterinarians.

Then flea control could fail. Do not use on other animals. I’m not sure which product you applied to your cat. ● Do not have contact or allow children to have contact with treated area until completely dry. This area is beyond my expertise. For large cats, it says not to retreat more than once every 7 days. I’ve seen some incidents where other people’s cats’ fur fell off.

That’s true Colleen.

Thank you.

Copyright © 2020 Animalytix LLC. 5.

Usually this is done when infestations are severe, in order to establish control. If you have specific concerns about this, I’d recommend contacting your cat’s veterinarian. However, I will say that the medium cat treatment tube contains 0.4 mL. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rip Cat quot;s, quot;tions & Sayings 2020, Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray for Cats PetFlow, Best Sensitive Stomach Cat Food – Top Tips And Brand Reviews, Bravecto Topical For Cats Stops Fleas & Ticks in Cats PetCareRx, Preparing For A 12-Day Pet Friendly Road Trip, What You Need to Know About Holistic Medicine for Dogs. Weekly Pet Travel Photo Challenge — Enter now to WIN! We have a 28 pound Maine Coon. Once flea control is attained, the monthly re-treatment schedule should be adhered to. Yes, it should be enough, based on the product specifications. Treatment at the base of the skull will minimize the opportunity for the cat to lick the product. Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim – Antibacterial for Pets Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim for dogs and cats is a sulfa antibacterial medication used in treating lung, skin, UTI, and gastrointestinal infections. However, I wouldn’t trust any advice posted online about this, as it is against the law to recommend off-label use unless you’re a qualified vet, and you wouldn’t want to overdose your cat. ), do not retreat more than once every 7 days. Post-Approval Experience: Although not all adverse reactions are reported, based on voluntary post-approval reporting, transient ataxia has been reported following the administration of Antezole Tablets for Cats. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. For external use only. ● Call a poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice. TO THE EXTENT CONSISTENT WITH APPLICABLE LAW, BAYER MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING ANY OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS OR MERCHANTABILITY, and no agent of Bayer is authorized to do so except in writing with a specific reference to this warranty. View the full product label for application information.

the doses in drops The successive feeding activity of fleas on cats frequently elicits a hypersensitivity skin disorder known as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) or flea bite hypersensitivity. Can somebody break down Enter TWO Giveaways from Luxe Pet Products. There is one for kittens (2 to 5 lbs), small cats (5 to 9 lbs), and large cats (over 9 lbs).

However, in cases of severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than four (4) weeks. Box 390, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66201 USA, Bayer, the Bayer Cross and Advantage are registered trademarks of Bayer, Advantage II is protected by the following U.S. patents: 6,232,328 and 6,001,858. My cat is 17-20 lbs. Toxicity concerns can also result in under-dosing. Will the advantage small cat dose (5-9 pounds) work on the larger cat? Thank you for highlighting it. Your email address will not be published. Good stuff. Do I need to give him a bigger dose? ● Do not apply more than one (1) tube per treatment, even for large cats.

Lard ass has fleas the size of a small kitten.

Win a Set of Camo YUCKY PUPPY Poop Bag Carriers! Subscribe to newsletters for the latest medication news, alerts, new drug approvals and more. ), retreatment shouldn’t be done more often than once every 14 days. Your email address will not be published. Once it’s on the skin, it incorporates into the sebaceous (oil) layer. Elavil… LOL.

I can’t recommend any course of action. Anyone who isn’t a licensed veterinary professional can’t legally recommend any use that deviates from the labeled instructions. There isn’t any need to keep them apart. Reinfesting fleas are killed within 2 hours with protection against further flea infestation lasting for up to four (4) weeks. I have a 16 year old cat that I have been treating with Advantage II on a monthly basis. There is one for kittens (2 to 5 lbs), small cats (5 to 9 lbs), and large cats (over 9 lbs). I’m not a vet or a vet tech, but I have a B.S. I am not absolutely certain of the adverse effects of over-dosing. Should we worry?

What would happen if I had put the large dose on a cat lighter than 9lbs?

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