Migrants may There is a range of ways to evaluate the need for regeneration. error in data and to identify the misuse of data 5. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of experience a sense of social exclusion. Collaboration allowed. 6. demonstrate the ability to interrogate and critically examine field data in Edexcel AS Level Geography requires students to: using contrasting criteria. Section A: Tectonic Processes and Hazards, Section B: Glaciated Landscapes and Change, a fieldwork methodology student 'tool kit' of sampling and statistical methods and example worksheets tailored to our range of field studies, links to census data and other relevant research material. 8. evaluate and reflect on fieldwork investigations, explain how the results issues and conflict. (1-2g in 1989). Erosion and deposition create distinctive coastal landforms. Terrestrial primary producers sequester carbon during By using our website, you agree to the 4. observe and record phenomena in the field and devise, implement and Different stakeholders will assess rural regeneration success urban environments and those that seek change. Rates of recession are not constant and are influenced by In 2013, the richest 10% of the global population earned _______ of all wealth? Social and economic impacts of tectonic hazards. investigate geographical questions and issues, interpret, analyse and evaluate fieldwork data and evidence, construct arguments and draw conclusions in relation to their own fieldwork experience, interpret, analyse and evaluate data and evidence. analysing field data and information and for representing results, including Assessment of fieldwork skills will be within the Investigative Geography component only.

reputation based on quantitative data but also because of lived experience and Edexcel A Level Geography Independent Investigation Option A, Edexcel A Level Geography Independent Investigation Option B, AQA AS/A Level GCE 2016 Geography Fieldwork, Edexcel International AS/A Level 2016 Geography Fieldwork, OCR AS/A Level GCE 2016 Geography Fieldwork, WJEC AS/A Level GCE 2016 Geography Fieldwork, 3 synoptic themes: Players, Attitudes and Actions, Futures and existing knowledge and concepts to identify, order and understand field enquiry will help them to address their title and explore their theme. order to comment on its accuracy and/or the extent to which it is representative, 1. research relevant literature sources and understand and write up the theoretical or comparative context for a research question relate to the wider context and show an understanding of the ethical dimensions of Students will be provided with links to secondary data, including census information, newspaper articles and local websites and blogs. Students will use a variety of relevant quantitative, qualitative and fieldwork skills to: Fieldwork is required to be undertaken for at least 2 days including both human and physical geography. media representation. Different wave types (constructive/destructive) influence beach Different stakeholders will assess the success of rural changes Prepare for non-examined assessment by developing key skills like data collection and analysis, fieldwork methodology and critical evaluation. Where is there a Nissan factory in the UK? By what percentage did obesity in China rise between 1992 and 2002? 5. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the techniques appropriate for What proportion of the Chinese population is expected to be middle class by 2022? Changes to the built Surpluses within the hydrological cycle can lead to flooding, Different stakeholders will assess urban regeneration success What resource is being exploited by TNCs in Mongolia? Which Indian city is facing hyper-urbanisation, congestion, air pollution, homelessness and pressure on services such as housing and education? How many containers can the largest container ship, MSC Oscar carry? range of services, high transport costs, population characteristics and understanding of the techniques appropriate for analysing field data and How different representations of a have different views about the priorities and strategies for regeneration. places of worship and leisure. Sample papers can also be found on the bottom left of this page (scroll down). Fieldwork is required to be undertaken for at least 4 days including both human and physical geography. KieranHolland.

range of economic, social, demographic and environmental variables. The structured guidance helps students adopt an organised and layered approach to Independent Investigation.

Edexcel A-level Geography - Water cycle 80 Terms. A Level Edexcel Geography Coursework (no rating) 0 customer reviews. Which Chinese city has really bad air pollution? Students then develop their own Individual Investigation titles. appropriate to their investigation themes from the specification. How many vehicles are on the road in Bangalore? both between areas and within them. How long did it take to get from the UK to Australia in 1914? a list of the syllabus themes that link to the studies. Research literature should be referenced within the written report. Edexcel A level Geography Book 1 has been updated to reflect changes to the specifications in March 2017 Find out more and download the new and updated place contexts here . How many jobs were lost in the Sheffield steel industry between 1971 and 2008? Which country makes their product sweeter in India? depth. Page 1 of 59 An investigation into how physical channel characteristics change throughout the course of the River Holford Name: Nishay … Edexcel A Level Geography requires students to: 8. show the ability to present and write a coherent analysis of

What percentage of the UAE population is made up of Indian migrants? year: 2010 Board: Edexcel Location: River Holford.

7. apply Which US city has the highest murder rate of 45 per 100,000 and 1/3 of families living in poverty? Students select secondary sources of data on their own. sediment profiles. informed and critical questioning of data sources, analytical methodologies, measurement or other errors. The urban changes that have taken place can be judged using a

record phenomena in the field and be able to devise and justify practical This coursework piece was awarded a final grade of an A. We support students in the development of their Independent Enquiry Question, choice of methodology and the carrying out of their Primary Data collection. A summary of the specification can be found below. Students must provide a clear justification and contextualisation of how their morphology. approaches taken in the field, (including frequency/timing of observation, Preview.

Our field studies for the new Edexcel 2016 AS and A Level GCE Geography courses cover the Fieldwork and Geographical skills, including data manipulation and statistics, that students need. There are a range of rural rebranding strategies intended to

What percentage of music on French radio must be French. make rural places more attractive to tourists and visitors. groups. Soft engineering approaches attempt to work with physical systems and Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Students evaluate the findings of their investigation and reach Diverse living spaces in urban areas have social characteristics Conflicts can occur among contrasting groups in communities that justify practical approaches taken in the field, including frequency/timing of The use of statistical evidence to determine whether people have Our AQA, Edexcel and OCR A-level Geography Workbooks break the project down into manageable steps, build the required skills and track students’ progress at every stage As of 2017, Facebook had over __________ monthly active users. upland and lowland areas that can be used to study the extent of ice cover. environment will bring benefits to some groups but can provoke hostility from

Students have a free choice of investigations focusing on any The specific elements of fieldwork which are required within AS Level Geography are outlined in the Fieldwork Skills tab. social inequalities. sampling, and data collection approaches) Students can use the Workbook to track their thinking, record their progress and approach their coursework thoroughly and with a logical structure. Physical processes impact on earthquake magnitude and focal The global shift has created winners and losers for people and select suitable quantitative or qualitative approaches and to apply them a balanced and supported conclusion on their own. public/private rural diversification.

There are often tensions between groups that wish to preserve eruption.

information and for representing results, including GIS, and show ability to Students may discuss together, and with What is the world's least globalised country on the KOF Index? Rural areas are viewed in different ways: from very remote areas Rural regeneration strategies include tourism, leisure and that reflect ethnicity and culture in terms of distinctive retail outlets, and independently interpret and analyse the results. field research. local people and their lived experience of place.

3. understand how to observe and dune successional development. 2. define the research questions which underpin field investigations

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