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Our Timeline

Learn what we have done to become the largest, most innovative,
independent provider of business credit information in all of North America.


Started Commercial Credit Reports

Our founder Pam Ogden created Commercial Credit Reports to make commercial credit information easy to access, use, and afford for small to medium sized businesses.


Gathered Industry Specific Credit Information

We recognized early on that there is no data more relevant to businesses than industry specific trade payment information. We have assisted in the development of industry specific data sources across multiple sectors to show our customers how others in their industry are being paid or not being paid by their applicants.


Began Developing Our Revolutionary Platform

Pam envisioned a single place where any business could affordably pull business credit information for businesses in the USA, Canada, and International from all of the major bureaus. It was in 2005 when the technology caught up with her idea, and we began developing the 1st version of our one-of-a-kind business credit reports platform.


Finished Our Platform & Launched Our First Multi-Bureau Report

We finished the development of our proprietary platform and launched it along with our first multi-bureau report, the Advantage report. The Advantage report blends the business credit information from Experian and Equifax info a single report giving our customers the ability to get two perspectives at once.


Developed the First Summary Multi-Bureau Report

We developed and launched our EDGE report—a lower cost alternative to our multi-bureau Advantage report without trade payment details.


Developed Our Credit Logic Score

Because a multi-bureau report can contain, what appears to be contradictory information on a business at times, we felt it was important to develop a proprietary summary score - the Credit Logic Score - that takes into account the payment trends, public record filings, collections, and business background information across each bureau source to assist our customers in quickly determining the credit worthiness of any business they pull our reports on.


Acquired and Re-branded Commercial Credit Reports to Business Credit Reports

To make it easier for businesses to find us online, we changed our name to Business Credit Reports, so when “Business Credit Reports” is searched, we can easily be found.

Added Dun & Bradstreet’s Data

We included D&B data in our reports and finally brought the premier D&B data to small businesses at an affordable price.

Launched Our Advantage Pro Report

We bundled Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Equifax’s data together to create our Advantage Pro report— which has become the most comprehensive multi-bureau report available for evaluating businesses in the United States.


Became WBENC Certified

We became a recognized Women-Owned Small Business to assist our customers in diversifying their suppliers.

Added Ansonia’s Data

We included Ansonia’s trucking & logistics industry specific data to our multi-bureau reports to make them even more powerful for businesses in those industries. Since 2013, Ansonia has expanded their credit database to include more industry sectors.


Added Fraud Indication to Our Reports

We added a fraud check system and integrated Google Maps into our reports, so our customers can verify the legitimacy of who they are doing business with.


Upgraded and Moved Our Business Credit Reports Platform to the Cloud

By moving our platform to the cloud, we are able to improve our existing reports and tools and create more solutions for our customers faster.

Developed an All New Analytics Suite

Included in this suite of new credit risk indicators and credit guidelines is our Business Failure Assessment, and our MultiMax Credit Guideline.


Launched Supplier Reports

We used our unique multi-bureau platform to develop a range of supplier reports that give our customers the ability to see how reliable their suppliers are from each of the bureaus at once.

Launched Decision Assistant

We developed the free Decision Assistant to assist our customers in automatically filtering which applicants are easy approvals and which are not—all based on the data from multiple bureau sources.

Launched the Shareback System

To provide our customers with an alternative way of obtaining the reports they need, we created our free Shareback System. This proprietary system gives our users the ability to request that their customer or supplier pull and pay for their own business credit report and share it back with our users via email.


Launched the Customizable Online Credit Application

We created our customizable Online Credit Application to assist our customers in automating and optimizing their credit approval processes. With the branding, questions, and terms & conditions being 100% customizable, this free online credit application solution provides a seamless experience to our users’ applicants. The best part is our users can pull reports on their applicants with no data entry.

Launched A New Public Website

We felt that as we were innovating and improving our product offerings we should be doing the same for our website. Our new website is designed to deliver the information you are looking for in a friendly, easy-to-use manner to ensure the best experience possible!

Launched New D&B Add-Ons

D&B has been a one of the leaders in the business credit industry since its inception. We have brought in the D&B Rating, D&B Commercial Credit Score and the D&B Delinquency Risk Class as Add-Ons to the majority of our reports! These Add-Ons are available through the web platform during the ordering process.

Launched New Experian Add-Ons

Experian is another leader in the business credit industry, and has been for years. We have brought in Experian's Days Beyond Terms as an Add-On for the majority of our reports! This Add-On is available through the web platform during the ordering process.

Launched CreditSafe Online Internationals

CreditSafe is a leader in International business credit. With over 240 million companies in their database, we knew they would provide excellent value for our customers. Thanks to CreditSafe, we now have 19 countries with reports available Instantly Online for less than $100!

Launched BCR Developed International Reports

The new BCR Developed international credit reports give us the freshest information and fastest turnaround time that we have ever had. We are proud to be able to offer the best Developed international reports on the market to our customers!


Launched Our Salesforce App: Synergy

With many customers using Salesforce, we decided to make our reports available directly within Salesforce. To that end, we built and launched an app for Salesforce: Synergy. Synergy connects directly to our platform to make your full report lineup available within your Salesforce org. The app integrates with your Accounts and Leads tabs to make accessing a report only a few clicks away, and for storing the report once generated.

Celebrated Our 30th Anniversary!

We were lucky enough to celebrate our 30th year in business during 2019. During those 30 years, we have managed to revolutionize the industry and make business credit information accessible and affordable to small busineses everywhere! We thank you for being a part of our history, and look forward to another 30 years!


Launched A New Experian Add-On

As part of our commitment to make the best data available to our customers, we have brought in Experian's Intelliscore Plus score as an Add-On for the majority of our reports! The Intelliscore Plus is Experian's premier business credit score and is available through the web platform during the ordering process.

Added the DUNS # Search

To make things easier for our customers, we introduced the ability to search by DUNS Number! The DUNS Number from D&B is the unique identifier for a business within the D&B database. Previously required for contracting with the federal government, the DUNS Number is one of the most common unique identifiers for a company to have.

Launched the Experian Soft Hit for Business Owner Profiles

In an effort to help small business owners grow their business, we introduced a Soft Hit option for the Experian Business Owner Profile. For a small business owner, the Soft Hit allows a lender to prequalify them for business loans without affecting their personal credit score!

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