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We here at Business Credit Reports, Inc. are a small, professional, transparent team of visionaries with over 40 years of experience in creating innovative business credit reports and solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

Meet Our Team

What we have created and what we have accomplished would not have been possible without these amazing people.

Business Credit Reports, Inc. Team Photo

Pam Ogden

Founder, President, & CEO

Mark Kohls

National Account Executive

Debbie Golbach

Vice President - Business Development

Penny Ogden

Billing Specialist

Beth Beaty

Compliance Officer

Shadow Smith

Creative Technologist

Kody Clason

Technical Support Analyst

Josh Russell

SEO & Conversion Specialist

We Believe in 3 Things


We believe in developing world-class solutions and pushing the boundaries of what a business credit report provider can be. We avoid the assumption that norms should be followed, and we pave our own path.


We believe products and services should be affordable and benefit all parties involved. We over-deliver when we can, providing our customers with more than their money’s worth, and we regularly give back to our community.


We believe one must analyze data from multiple trusted sources to make confident decisions. We design our reports to pull in information from the world’s leading data sources, so our customers get the full picture.

BCR Gives Back

Every year, we give our time, energy, and resources to local charities. With over 15 different charities sponsored, BCR tries to make a positive difference in the local communities.

Pedal for Paws picture of Pam
Christmas 4 Kids Pam and child picture
Pam and Bill with bikes picture

"This is the most incredible group of people! Business Credit Reports and owner Pam Ogden go way above and beyond to help their community. Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance has been blessed over and over by Pam and BCR!"

June McMahon, Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance

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